Wedding table numbers are available in a number of different styles to compliment your wedding theme. If you have a rustic wedding our burlap table numbers are just the thing. We also have timber and traditional tent-style number cards. For formal dinners, our plain wooden numbers are the perfect accent to highlight the table number

Make it easier for guests to locate their seats with our wedding table numbers. Bold and stylish, these table numbers are impossible to miss. 

Our table numbers are available in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to use them as you deem fit. You could go for a colour that matches your style of decoration or adds a new shade to it. 

Besides preventing the need for any squabbles over wedding seats, they also make great centrepieces for your wedding tables as they add some glimmer to your decorations. 

Do you wish to spell out the numbers or simply put the bold digits in place? You will find the style you desire in our collection. Our wedding table numbers also come in varying patterns that let you attach them to the rest of your decoration or place them separately on your wedding tables.

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Table Numbers / Wedding Table Numbers


Wedding table numbers serve one major purpose — guide your guests to their respective tables. However, if not executed properly, this one purpose can easily cause disarray and tip the scale of fluidity and orderliness at your venue (and we don't like that). Nothing beats wedding decorations that are thoughtful and intentional. Of course, the overall aesthetic matters. That is why we are giving you wedding table numbers that aced both the design and functionality.

Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide variety of wedding table numbers at wholesale discounted pricing. You can buy them separately or in bulk, whatever works for you and your budget. We are committed to providing Australia with affordable wedding and event essentials without sacrificing quality and design. Our products are available nationwide, as we offer swift shipping to all major cities, like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


About Choosing Table Numbers

When choosing your table numbers, visibility is the key. It doesn't matter how creative your table markers are — if they do not usher your guests to the correct tables and are causing a traffic jam, it's safe to say that they failed on effectiveness. The guest should be able to see them instantly and read them clearly. There are many variations to table markers. Depending on your liking, they can be numbers, words, or colours. However you want them to be, always trust your gut in making sure that they reflect you as a couple and that they're distinguishable — distinguishable enough not to clash with your table centrepieces and flower arrangements.


Trend Alert 

Top 10 Trending Table Number Designs for Weddings

For the past three years, weddings all over the world — like everything else — have endured the crisis caused by the global pandemic. Fortunately for table numbers, there has been no reported shortage of creativity. From vintage to retro, contemporary to unconventional designs and materials, we got you covered in this list. Whatever make and material you choose for your table markers, truth be told that they have unique individual features. Here are the top 10 trending designs of wedding table numbers.


#1. Wood

Wooden table numbers, may they be in their natural colour or varied, have a classic charm to them. They blend well with highly realistic artificial flowers and other organic materials, making them easier to incorporate into your overall design.


#2. Burlap

Burlap-made table numbers make a great addition to any earthy-themed wedding. Whether you opt for rustic, cottagecore, or a garden wedding, burlap table markers can easily add depth to your whole aesthetic.


#3. Mirror

It's always fascinating to see any decor with some sort of reflective aspect to it. Maybe it's how the light bounces back, creating more dimension to the design, or it being uber stylish — and mirror table numbers are no different.


#4. Acrylic

Acrylic table numbers are probably the hippest and most seen table markers in weddings today. They are high on visibility, essential for an effective table marker, and blend seamlessly with your tablescape.


#5. Metallics

Anything metallic for table numbers is always a need. They make a sufficient level of attraction to catch your guests' eyes but enough not to overpower your table presentation.


#6. Geometric

Think art deco from the great gatsby with those beautiful lines creating a pattern — that exists in table numbers too. Whatever theme you decide, a little bit of edge put into your table markers won't hurt. If anything else, they might well be your saving piece.


#7. Printed

Printed art comes in table numbers too. From prints on leaves to some good ole' paper or cardboards — the creative possibilities and customisation aspect of this concept are immense. You may also opt to use not just black prints but those of more eye-catching ones such as gold and silver.


#8. Ceramic

Probably the rarest and most coveted trend of this season — the ceramic wedding table numbers. They are numbers or figures (of your liking) embossed, engraved, or stamped on a decorated ceramic tile placed on your tables. This trend has been a wedding trend must-have all over Instagram today.


#9. Frames

Simple, sweet, and cute, frame wedding table numbers are madly adorable — also a perfect use of your many wedding photos. Having your love story told through a series of images incorporated into your table decorations using your table numbers is such a big-brain move.


#10. 3D

3D printed table markers or structural wire numbers bring both a sense of artistry and advancement. Also, they are very easy to decorate with candles and flowers using some craft and floristry accessories.


Maintenance / Product Care Tips

Do you want to save your wedding table numbers for future events you may host? We are here for it! We completely support you. We want to help you maximise the value of your purchase with some simple steps to note when storing your table numbers. These tips also apply to some of your other decorative pieces and wedding accessories. Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you make sure that your table numbers last as many celebrations as you wish to use them.


#1. Depending on the material — those of acrylics, mirror coated, or plastic — do not overtly expose them to heat or sunlight as it may shorten their shelf life.

#2. Bubble wraps or used papers always help when placing your table numbers in the box. Especially those considered fragile items like glass, mirrors, and ceramics.

#3. If you still have the protective coating they usually have when delivered to you, reuse them before wrapping each piece.

#4. Make sure your table numbers do not have food stains or any likely residue before you store them. You do not want cockroaches or rats chewing on them in storage.

#5. Your table numbers, alongside other party supplies, should all be kept in a cool, dry place away from the harsh weather conditions every after use.