Votive & Tealight Holders: Create a Radiant Ambiance

Candle Vases and Holders are essential to cohesive and intentional wedding decorations. Candles instantaneously create a warm and romantic atmosphere effortlessly. When matched with the perfect set of candle holders, your venue will look impeccable. They come in different colours, sizes, and designs to cover all your design options and seamlessly fit what you need. These pieces are adaptable to other decors, such as artificial flowers, and can easily complement whatever table linens you choose. Shop Now! Save More!

Candle Holders


As much as we want to believe that all is fair in the world of candle holders — the truth is that not all of them are created equal. Whether it's a girandole, a chandelier, or a menorah, each offers a unique take on accentuating an otherwise mundane candle. Candle holders are considered essential for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

Candles, romance, and weddings are almost already synonymous with each other. When you think of candles — aside from Lumière in Disney's Beauty and the Beast — warmth and intimacy come to mind. They are great mood-setters and teleporters. They can transport you to a fantasy taken directly from the pages of a fairy tale book. As much as they look captivating with the flickering lights they make, candles can hardly stand on their own when placed in formal settings — both literally and figuratively. The dark reality of candles without holders on most occasions is that they can be messy, fire hazard, and worst, not match your wedding decorations at all. To avoid this, candle holders are the key.

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Top 5 Trending Candle Holders for Weddings

Candle holders make a solid base and highlight your tapers like no other. Whether made of acrylic, crystal, glass, metal, or wood, using candle holders for your wedding adds depth and dimension to your tablescape. Here are the top 5 trendiest candle holders you shouldn't miss.


#1. Geometric

Pique your guests' interests with riveting lines and shapes using geometric candle holders. You can use this trendy piece for your tablescape with tea lights and votive candles.


#2. Glass and Crystals

Nothing screams classy and chic more than glass and crystal candle holders. Their natural sense of luxury and glamour has conditioned people to associate them with richness and power — also, they can easily match your wedding linens.


#3. Stemmed

Highly elegant and elevated are the stemmed candle holders. Not to be mistaken with prickets, these are your modern take on the traditional candelabras — topped with perfectly arranged artificial flowers, and you are all set.


#4. Metallics

Metallics never get old. As rustic and vintage-themed weddings continue to gain popularity over the years, metallic candle holders are now in demand more than ever. You can personalize this look with the help of some craft and floristry accessories, and you are good to go.


#5. Hanging Holders

They are not your usual chandeliers — hanging candle holders for tea lights and votives are hitting the charts again. They made lanterns and levitating LED lights a thing of the past.


DIY Tips and Tricks

Wedding Candle Holder Accessories

Glam up your wedding candle holders with trendy and customizable accessories that reflect your personality as a couple. Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide selection of craft and floristry accessories that may help you give traditional candle holders their much-needed facelift. Here are the top 5 most popular DIY accessories for your candle holders.


#1. Ribbons

#4. Mirror Base

#5. Flowerettes

#3. Rhinestones and pearls

#2. Personalized Stickers