Tall flower stands create dramatic visual statements and can fill large spaces effectively, making them ideal for venues with high ceilings. These stands look stunning in wedding photos with their eye-catching designs and can also be strategically placed to guide guests or highlight specific areas. They can be styled to match the wedding theme and color palette. Additionally, these stands offer the potential for reuse or rental, providing a cost-effective decoration option.


Large Centrepiece Flower Stands


Take your flower arrangements to new heights with some fabulous flower stands. Flowers and weddings are almost synonymous, and a well-thought-out flower arrangement does make that magical wedding moment. A successful floral display — like every art form — has to have dimension to it. 

Dimension is attainable by establishing certain levels — think of the highs, lows, and mid floral placements. Amongst these levels, the middle section usually gets the most challenging to accomplish. These areas are usually between your table and the ceiling, like the aisle and everything within eye level.

Flower stands for your centrepieces, and aisle loads make a perfect vessel for positioning your middle floral placements. They are pre-made structures designed to hold your flower arrangements and are available in multiple designs to cover all your design options. You can pick from swan style, geometric to tiered floral pot stands and more to match your wedding linens and desired overall look for your venue.

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Trend Alert 

Top 5 Trending Flower Stand Designs for Weddings

Wedding trends come and go, but those that gained popularity for their functionality and captivating design elements tend to stick around for a long time. Here we dive into our list of trending flower stand designs that withstood the test of time, exhibiting the now, and adapted to the demands of the new normal. We rounded up the Top-5 trendiest designs available in the market right now.


#1. Geometric

Pique your guests' interests with riveting lines and shapes using geometric flower stands. You can use this trendy decor piece for your aisle loads and tablescape (a little matchy-matchy sure helps).


#2. Levitating

A little optical illusion for your flower stands aids in captivating your guests with the fantasy of your design. This popular flower stand design exhibits a good balance between functionality and some fierce architecture.


#3. Table Bridge 

A table bridge surely adds a little spice and a ton of drama to your tablescape. Matched with some alluring floral choices and a strong creative vision — this table bridge trend is an absolute eye-catcher. 


#4. Hour Glass Shapes

This trend matches almost any theme and is probably the most versatile piece of wedding decoration. You can have these hourglass-shaped stands for your aisle loads or table centrepiece.


#5. Multi-Level Pot Stands

Do you wish to put your flower arrangements in pots or use true blooms in planters for your floral display? Multi-level pot stands are your best bet in achieving a cohesive-looking installation.


DIY Styling Tips

If DIY, customization, or personalization sounds appealing to you, that only means you like a touch of yourself in everything you do — which is always a good thing, especially when decorating for your wedding. And because we believe you can — here are some styling tips you might want to consider for your DIY flower stand creation.


#1. Flower stands are usually available as a solo structure. You may use wedding fabrics for drapings, artificial flowers, or some lights to dress it up. (craft and floristry accessories are also available)

#2. If you use a flower stand without any draping or blooms — you may need some touch-up paint to transform it. 

#3. Some flower stands — depending on the design — get shipped in a flat pack. You will need a small spanner or shifter to attach the structure altogether.