Are you looking to add some sleek and sophisticated finish to your wedding tables? Our collection of black tablecloths is perfect for you. The colour black brings forth an atmosphere of formality, wealth, and elegance. They are perfect for weddings, any type of event, or formal functions.

We have tablecloths in all shapes and sizes. From square, round, or trestle tables in any length required, we got you covered. They come in varying fabrics too. We have the all-time favourites, polyester and cotton. If you are looking for some stylish and ultra-functional options, we offer sequined fabrics, satin, lycra, and plastic tablecloths to protect your table from spills and dirt. For some colour and texture, these tablecloths have one for any theme and design aesthetic you desire.

Create a Stunning Look with Black Tablecloths

Everyone knows how important it is to have the perfect wedding décor to set the perfect atmosphere for the special day. What better way to do this than with some elegant and classic black tablecloths? These timeless items will bring a sense of class and sophistication to any wedding.


Why Choose a Black Tablecloth For Your Wedding?

Black tablecloths are a great addition to any wedding reception. They are an affordable yet stylish option for adding a bit of drama to your event, and are perfect for creating a luxurious and polished look. Plus, the dark colour of the cloth will help to make other decorations stand out. To make the most of this decor item, here are some uses:

  • Use to cover tables for the wedding reception. Make sure to pick up matching table runners to add a coordinated look.
  • Black tablecloths are also great for stylishly draped walls or a well-placed black backdrop for the photo booth.
  • For a unique look, use black tablecloths as the main decoration for a dessert table or for a lounge area.
  • Black tablecloths can be used to dress up any chair, adding a little sheen and shine to the day.
  • Black tablecloths also make an excellent colour palette base. Add in other decorations such as glittery centrepieces or colourful flowers.


Care Instructions

To keep your tablecloths looking fresh for many events to come, it is essential to properly care for them. The polyester material is suitable for machine washing and drying, and each tablecover includes washing instructions on a label. We also have care instructions for all of our products here. 

Black tablecloths provide a classic and elegant look that is sure to be a hit at your wedding. They're an affordable solution that creates a sophisticated atmosphere that your guests will no doubt appreciate. From simply draping tables to dressing up chairs, the possibilities are endless with this timeless décor item.