Wedding & Event Linen

At Wedding Superstore, we have a vast range of decorative wedding and event linen for all of the wedding and event theming. With a wide range of event linen products in different colours, fabrics, and styles to ensure that we have all of your design options covered. Our vast experience in the events industry means we source products that are made only with top-quality materials to withstand multiple uses in any event applicable.

From our selection of drapings, whether that's for your backdrop, ceiling, or wall, we have options you'll love. And to make sure that your tables and chairs don't feel left out, we give you a selection of chair covers and sashes as well as table runners, placemats, napkins, and tablecloths. Completing your function or event, we also have the little details that matter — the table and stage skirting.

5 Simple Ways To Add Better Visual Interest To Your Wedding Decorations

Much to everyone's surprise, white is not the only available colour for your funciton venue decorations. There are design ideas and tons of options to keep your celebration from just being plain white with your wedding linen. Here, at Wedding Superstore, we give you a list of five (5) simple ways to add better visual interest to your evnt.

#1 Texture is key

Choose the correct fabric for your tablecloths. In this category, polyester would probably win by unanimous vote. Polyester has been the ultimate go-to wedding linen for tableclovers for years. However, give other fabrics a chance, like satin, tulle, or even sequined type linens. You might surprise yourself with the immaculate visual dimension they can render your tables, chairs, napkins, and drapings. 

#2 Pop of colour

A pop of colour can make or break your visual design aesthetic. That is why you cannot just throw colours out there and wish for them to look good. Dealing with colours has to be intentional with a design perspective in place. A pop of colour in your all-white wedding creates moments, such as the pinks, reds, and blues. However, should you dare to go bolder? Please, don't stop yourself from adding some yellow, orange, and turquoise hues into your table napkins, tablecloths, or table runners. Don’t forget, it isn’t just linen that adds colour, we also have a great range of artificial flowers; from bouquets and stems to garlands.

#3 Play on prints

Weddings are fun and exciting. And what better way to pump up the fun factor than by adding prints! Do not get intimidated by mixing patterns and matching prints-on-prints. They can be your best friends on the most important day of your life. Some of the best matching ideas that never go out of style would be stripes and safari prints, contrasting floral patterns, and similar prints with different colours.


#4 Major on drapings

Drapings make a great statement in any type of event, especially weddings. It can transform your venue into a whole new experience for you and your guests. Drapings create layers to your design, may that be on your ceiling, along the pathway, or columns. Throwing in some colours and textures into your drapery can instantly elevate your design from plain ole white to a whimsical daydream. May that be tulle, sheer, or organza in yellow, black, or burgundy, explore the creativity that goes with drapery.


#5 Lighting is everything

Lighting changes everything. It creates a huge impact and sets the mood. Lighting is a must for any event, more so corporate events — as it is a great way to breathe life into your venue. One way to set up great lighting and add dimension to your function venue is to display net curtain lights. Also called the Starry Night Lighting effect, this type of lighting looks stunning if you want to have that impression of dining and dancing under the stars. They look great in photos as backdrops too.


Wedding Superstore has brought together a vast collection of celebration event linen choices to cover all your design options. From fabrics in different textures and colours to table and chair covering essentials and even backdrop lighting, you will find all you need right here to make your wedding day extra special. Choosing the right pieces that speak your character and exploring creative opportunities is what makes a truly great visual to complete your wedding decorations. Whether you want to keep it traditional, simple, grand, or bold, we aim to make your wedding vision come to life.