Postage Information

September 15th 2021 - COVID Related Transit Delays:

Transit times are something we cannot control, as always if your order is time sensitive we do offer express postage at checkout. There are delays in NSW, Victoria and WA, please expect these delays this includes express posts.

 We are also seeing some local QLD delays due to issues in Brisbane depots with 1-2 day delays due to the volume of freight backlogging for southern states. 

NSW - Lockdown delays of various times

VIC - Lockdown delays of various times

WA - packages travel through Sydney to be sorted to be sent via train to WA, delays are happening in the Sydney sorting facilities

Express Post: There are no guarantees for overnight delivery with Express across Australia at the moment, all states and cities are now the fastest possible delivery. As a result, Aus Post will not refund on delayed express post items. Please allow up to 5 business days for delivery just in case there is a delay

Carrier Customer Service Response Time:  All 3 carriers have an initial 10 business day wait time for any lodgments on any delayed parcels, that is before the search even begins. If something goes wrong there is a considerable amount of time that will pass before we have information for you, like transit times are out of our control. We will not repost your order to you until such time as the carrier completes the investigation. 

Refunds for orders subject to delivery delays:  No carriers are providing any form of delivery eta,  guarantee etc at the moment, this includes express post. If your order does arrive after you require it, the initial postage charges are none refundable. 


For up to date specific courier information please select the couriers from below to read their media briefs:

ARAMEX: Click here




  • Express Orders - 24hr Dispatch, we are not offering same day dispatch at the moment. Australia Post has not postage guarantee offered, this service is classified as fastest possible and may not be overnight.
  • Standard Orders - up to 1 business day for dispatch
  • Bulky Orders - up to 2 business days for dispatch
  • Bulky Products - Arches, Flower Stands, and other larger metal items - up to 3 business days for dispatch
  • Warehouse Pickup for website orders - 9am-2pm Monday to Friday, Please wait until we notify you the order is ready, up to 2 business days.
  • In warehouse purchasing - Not available at all, we will turn you away no matter how far you travel or the urgency of the order. We are not set up to allow customers into our warehouse and we do not have any systems in place to allow checkout.


Australia Post - Regular Road

Economical Road Service around Australia

Can be slower than other methods we offer 

Charges apply for items returned for wrong address, not collected or not able to be delivered $12.50 each box

Australia Post - Express Post

Overnight delivery within the Australia Post overnight network.

No compensation or refunds if the order is not delivered on the next business day. 

Note some areas are not in the express post network.

Charges apply for items returned for wrong address, not collected or able to be delivered $12.50 each box

TNT Australia

Reliable and Fast

Fragile Tape is not available with this service. There is no insurance cover or refund at all for any items damaged, not suitable for fragile items such as mirrors, glassware, wax candles, charger plates

Charges apply for items returned for wrong address, not collected or able to be delivered. This is the full amount of initial shipping plus an administration fee


Aramex (Fastway)

Budget Carrier, normally reliable and fast service to major metropolitan areas. 

Patchy service to regional areas, WA, NT and Tas

Charges may apply from some states for an incorrect address or returns due to none delivery