Wedding chair sashes are an important part of the finishing touches to your wedding reception or corporate event. Sashes add a softness to  your harsh chair outlines, you may choose to use chair covers however in most cases a simple sash will add a beautiful effect to your room. Our wedding chair sashes are all high quality with delicate embodied designs. A wedding chair cover combined with a coloured chair sash will hide those drab wedding venue chairs. When choosing your chair sash for your wedding you need to decide on the fabric style and colour. We have plenty of styles to choose from, for a sheer look there are organza chair sash or for a bitmore bolder we have our satin chair sash 

Make a statement with our exciting collection of wedding chair sashes. Available in multiple colours and patterns, you will find the perfect match for any wedding theme. Our chair sashes are also made of different materials to provide you with lots of options from which you can choose.

These colour sashes also come in handy if you need to make special seating arrangements at a wedding.

Nothing stops you from tying these sashes into intricate knots or patterns that will leave wedding guests in awe. And just in case you need to get your decorations done quickly, you could simply slip the Lycra chair band on all your wedding chairs within a couple of minutes. 

You don’t have to worry about guests ruining the sashes because they are made of only high-quality fabric that can withstand tear, and they are also easy to clean. 

Check out our collection of unique chair sashes and make a choice.