Flowering Wisteria branches and garlands add an enchanting, magical touch to your Wedding Decorations. Wrap around your wedding arches or use as table decorations. Get creative combining your wisteria with some of our other artificial garlands, or intertwine with wedding lights.

Meaning and Significance

Wisterias are known for their stunningly beautiful clusters of violet, pink, and white flowers that bloom in the spring. This flower symbolizes love, prosperity, and good luck, making it a popular choice for weddings. Wisterias are a traditional flower in Japanese weddings, where they symbolize new beginnings and long-lasting love. In modern weddings, wisterias are often used as a statement piece in floral arrangements or as a backdrop for wedding photos.


What Other Flowers Pair Well With Wisterias?

When creating a stunning floral arrangement for your wedding, it's important to choose flowers that complement each other. Here are seven flower combinations that pair well with wisterias:

Wisterias and Frangipani: This combination creates a tropical feel with its soft, pastel colours, perfect for a beach or garden wedding. The frangipani's delicate petals complement the wisteria's cascading flowers, creating a beautiful harmony.

Wisterias and Cherry Blossom: This combination of pink hues brings a soft and romantic touch to your wedding decor. The delicate, fluffy flowers of the cherry blossom work perfectly with the wisteria's long, draping blooms.

Wisterias and Lantern Flowers: This combination brings a whimsical touch to your wedding decor with its playful and unique look. The soft, round shapes of the lantern flowers work well with the long, draping blooms of the wisterias.

Wisterias and Lavender Flowers: This combination creates a romantic and vintage feel, perfect for a rustic or garden wedding. The soft purple hues of the lavender flowers work well with the pastel colours of the wisterias.

Wisterias and Proteas: This combination creates a unique and modern look for your wedding decor. The bold, architectural shape of the protea flower pairs well with the soft, flowing wisteria blooms.

Wisterias and Hydrangeas: This combination creates a soft and romantic look with its pastel colours. The full, round shape of the hydrangeas works well with the long, draping blooms of the wisterias.

Wisterias and Peonies: This combination creates a classic and elegant look for your wedding decor. The large, fluffy blooms of the peonies work well with the long, cascading blooms of the wisterias.


Incorporating wisterias into your wedding decor adds a touch of romance and elegance. These seven flower combinations are just a few options to consider when creating your perfect wedding floral