A fresh white tablecloth is a staple for every wedding or event. It makes every occasion looks sharp and spotless. However, as immaculately beautiful as these white tablecloths may seem on their own, using them as a base for your decorative pieces like table runners, napkins, and floral arrangements can make a huge difference in elevating your event design aesthetics.

Wedding Superstore offers you a wide array of white tablecloth options to meet all your needs. Our linen is 100% spun polyester with a double hem. They are made with the finest materials to last multiple uses in numerous events.

Elegance for the Big Day

White tablecloths add a sense of serenity and class to the wedding decor. Their crisp, porcelain-like look creates a sense of beauty, making them the perfect choice for your special day. Opting for a white palette can create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and beauty. The subtle hue makes a great backdrop for personalized wedding centerpieces and decorations while creating an aura of pastoral light. Tablecloths are an essential part of bringing together the wedding decor and creating a lovely atmosphere for reception.

White tablecloths provide an array of advantages. With exceptional finish and reliable designed pattern, they are designed to get attention and lend sophistication to the wedding. Perfect for any season, they can be used regardless of how the colors of the bridal party match. Also, choosing white makes the decorations more evident and easier to spot. When incorporated into the wedding decor, the white tablecloths bring out the colors in the bridal party dress, decorations, and centerpieces alike.

Get The Most Out of Your White Tablecloth

  1. Make sure to choose the right fit. Measure the tables you will be covering and adjust accordingly.
  2. Create beautiful centerpieces and decorations that play off the white tablecloths.
  3. Consider adding a color to highlight the white tablecloth.
  4. Look for ideas in other wedding items, such as, napkins, chairs, and artificial flowers.
  5. Choose additional table decorations that blend in with the color palette. Moreover, you could also look for bridal material that emphasize the effect that the white tablecloth gives.

Care instructions

Machine washable on cold settings with like colors. Dry at low temperatures. Iron as needed.

Although white tableclothes give the ultimate refinement to a wedding, they must be chosen carefully and maintained properly to ensure that the tables look lovely throughout the special day. Keep these instructions in mind when caring for your tablecloth and you will get great use out of it!

White tableclothes are a classic way to transform a wedding’s decor. Whether you want a romantic or traditional feel, white tableclothes will make a huge impact. Make sure to pair them with other decorations and centerpieces that compliment their look and you are sure to have a dazzling wedding day!