Looking for something a little unique and maybe even a bit quirky? Patterned table runners allow you to add a dynamic visual element to your event decor, creating depth and interest on your tables. They can add personality to your table setting; allowing you to create a unique look to complement your overall decor theme. Patterned runners also help to tie together colour schemes and can become a focal point in the table setting.


Patterned Table Runners: A World of Style and Imagination

Our Patterned Table Runners collection brings a vibrant and dynamic touch to your wedding or special event, offering a range of designs from chevron and striped to damask, organza dot, and safari themes. These runners are perfect for injecting personality and flair into your table settings, complementing various decor styles and themes.

Versatile and Eye-Catching Designs

Whether you’re creating a contemporary look with chevron and stripes, adding classic elegance with damask, introducing playful vibes with organza dot, or going for an adventurous feel with safari themes, our patterned runners cater to all tastes. They serve as the ideal backdrop to highlight your event's unique character, enhancing the ambiance and drawing guests into the experience.

Thematic Harmony

These runners are suited for a myriad of themes, from modern and sophisticated to fun and eclectic. Chevron and striped runners can accentuate a minimalist or nautical setting, damask patterns are perfect for traditional and luxurious events, organza dot runners fit whimsical and light-hearted themes, while safari designs are ideal for nature-inspired or exotic celebrations.

Complementary Decor Elements

Patterned runners pair beautifully with simple or elaborate tableware, depending on the desired effect. They look stunning alongside plain colored dishes that let the patterns stand out, or with decorative items that match the theme, like wedding candles, floral arrangements, and wedding napkins. The right accessories can enhance the runner's design, creating a cohesive and inviting table display.

Explore our Patterned Table Runners to find the perfect piece that not only complements your event’s theme but also elevates the visual appeal of your table settings. With our diverse range, creating a memorable and stylish atmosphere for your special occasion has never been easier.