Instantly add colour and personality to your wedding or special event with our Artificial Floral Garlands.  Adorn arches, columns, staircases, or add character to a plain white tablecloth... your creativity is the limit with these beautiful artificial garlands.  Of course, being artificial flowers, our garlands are a lot more durable and will not need water and perfect conditions to look their best.  Add extra fake greenery if you want to build more body into your display, or otherwise enjoy the fact that you have beautiful, instant garlands of flowers ready to enrich the wedding decor on your special day!

Please note that when your faux floral garlands arrive, they may have become a little bent and out of shape.  Simply re-arrange and straighten out. The beauty of artificial foliage is that the stems and flower petals won’t snap and bruise if you bend and manipulate them into the perfect position!