Artificial Floral Garlands

Instantly add colour and personality to your wedding or special event with our Artificial Floral Garlands.  Adorn arches, columns, staircases, or add character to a plain white tablecloth... your creativity is the limit with these beautiful artificial garlands.  Of course, being artificial flowers, our garlands are a lot more durable and will not need water and perfect conditions to look their best.  Add extra fake greenery if you want to build more body into your display, or otherwise enjoy the fact that you have beautiful, instant garlands of flowers ready to enrich the wedding decor on your special day!

Let Nature Grace Your Special Day

Floral garlands hold a special place in the realm of weddings, symbolizing unity, beauty, and a shared commitment. These lovely and meaningful arrangements add an air of enchantment and elegance to any celebration. Traditionally used to adorn venues, chairs, and even the couple themselves, floral garlands create a whimsical and captivating atmosphere. In modern weddings, artificial floral garlands have gained popularity for their long-lasting, budget-friendly, and customizable qualities, effortlessly transforming ordinary spaces into dreamy, romantic settings.

What Works Well with Floral Garlands

  1. Roses and Baby's Breath: Combining the timeless romance of roses with the delicate beauty of baby's breath creates a stunning garland that exudes love and charm. This classic duo is perfect for traditional and modern weddings alike.
  2. Lavender and Wisteria: Infuse a sense of tranquility and enchantment into your wedding by pairing fragrant lavender with cascading wisteria. This mesmerizing combination adds a touch of whimsy to your celebration.
  3. Sunflowers and Reeds: Embrace a rustic, sun-kissed vibe with a cheerful combination of sunflowers and reeds. This pairing is perfect for a country or bohemian-themed wedding, capturing the essence of nature and free-spirited joy.
  4. Cherry Blossoms and Pussy Willow: Create a delicate, ethereal atmosphere by blending the elegant cherry blossoms with the soft, fuzzy charm of pussy willow. This serene combination is ideal for a spring or garden-themed wedding.
  5. Peonies and Hydrangeas: For a lush, opulent display, combine the voluminous blooms of peonies with the fullness of hydrangeas. This rich pairing adds depth and extravagance to your wedding d├ęcor.
  6. Orchids and Ferns: Enhance your tropical or exotic-themed wedding with a stunning mix of elegant orchids and lush, green ferns. This combination captures the essence of a lush paradise, transporting guests to an unforgettable, exotic getaway.

Care Instructions

To keep your floral garlands looking their best, be sure to not expose them to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this could fade the colour. You should vacuum or brush it regularly to keep dust and dirt off of them.

No matter your wedding theme, incorporating floral garlands can turn any venue into a breathtaking wonderland. With the many varieties and customizable options, you're sure to discover a design that captures the emotion and joy of your special day.