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Perfect for Creating Intimate Wedding Receptions

Ceiling drapes are the perfect way to bring a romantic and intimate atmosphere to any wedding celebration. These beautiful and classical drapes will bring a feeling of sophistication and elegance to your wedding décor. They instantly create an intimate environment thanks to the soft, floating fabric overhead. Adding a hint of class and beauty, ceiling drapes will instantly elevate the look and feel of your big day.

Ceiling drapes are as much a practical wedding decoration as they are a stylish one. Not only do they provide atmosphere and elegance, but they also help to protect your guests from light and noise. The soft fabric can help to absorb excess sound while obscuring any harsh lighting to create a more comforting atmosphere. Furthermore, ceiling drapes provide an instant divide in your venue – perfect for creating a private area for special moments and conversations.

Get the Most from Ceiling Drapes

No matter what wedding decor you choose, these are some great ways to get the most out of your ceiling drapes:

  1. Use them to draw attention. Ceiling drapes create an atmosphere of intimacy and sophistication that helps to set the tone for your wedding. Place them above the reception table or your dance floor to instantly draw eyes that way!
  2. Accentuate other décor. Ceiling drapes look great when used in combination with other decorations, such as chairs, flower arrangements, and lights.
  3. Try experimenting with color. We offer ceiling drapes in a variety of shades and colors, so why not mix and match to create a truly eye-catching effect?
  4. Add other like decorations. Our store also carries a great selection of wedding related items to complement your ceiling drapes. Check out our range of wall drapes and curtains, white fabric backdrops and party lights to further complete your overall décor.

Care Instructions

Ceiling drapes are made from durable materials and are generally very easy to take care of. In most cases, the fabric can be cleaned with a light dusting. If you need to get deep stains out, at-home dry cleaning services are the way to go.

Create the Perfect Intimate Reception

With ceiling drapes, creating the perfect wedding décor is easier than ever. Not only do they instantly add beauty and depth to your reception, but they also help reduce light and sound pollution. This makes them the perfect decoration for any couple looking to create a romantic and memorable wedding.