Wholesale Wedding Supplies

Wholesale Wedding & Event Planning Supplies
Wholesale Wedding Superstore® is Australia’s leading supplier of wholesale wedding linen and decorating supplies, as well as event planning supplies, wholesale wedding florist supplies, DIY decorations and much, much more. We supply many of Australia's largest wedding decorating and theming companies along with many function centers, schools and hotels. 

We look forward to creating a wholesale wedding supplies relationship with you and providing you with the very best in products available and a high level of service!
WWS can offer you all of your wholesale wedding supplies in Wedding Table Linen, wholesale tablecloths, DIY wedding chair sash, bulk wedding chair covers, wedding accessories, wedding linen, wedding decorations and much much more

Wedding Superstore Wholesale Application Form - Please Click Here

Wholesale Account Information:

We offer 3 tiers of wholesale accounts which are automatically assigned based on your ordering volume. When you are first given access you will start on our bottom tier and our system will move you up if you order volume exceeds the current level you are on. You will need to be a business registered in the wedding, events, gift or homewares sectors to receive approval.

Being the direct manufacturer/importer of all the items in our stock we are able to offer wholesale level pricing for all customers.

For access to wholesale discounts you will need to have:

  1. An active ABN
  2. Industry Related Business Name that is registered with ASIC and is linked to your ABN. 
  3. Your own website or are a retail store etc. Use your website address or advise your storefront location.
  4. We will not accept you if you do not have the above 3 items or are are only selling on eBay, facebook, gumtree or Amazon etc.
  5. $50 minimum order to trigger the wholesale discount

If you have your ABN information ready and wish to complete a Wedding Superstore Wholesale Application Form - Please Click Here

Once we have received your application, we will be in touch with you within 5 business days to advise if your account is approved or not. If your account has not been approved, you will need to reapply and ensure you have the correct details in your application.

Ordering Information: 

Once you have received email notification from us that your account has been approved you may go ahead and log in.

  1. Log into your wholesale account first (Wholesale Discounts are shown on the cart screen not on the product)
  2. Ensure you have $50 of products in your cart, otherwise you will not be able to order while logged in (do not log in if you wish to order less)
  3. Proceed to the cart/checkout screen, your discount will be shown in the subtotal section
  4. Ensure you have logged into your account. Discounts cannot be added after you checkout.
  5. Please note further promotions and advertised discounts may not apply to wholesale account holders
  6. Assigned account levels are not negotiable, our system will move you up or down depending on your spending volume. 
  7. If you have not used your account in a period of 6 months to make a purchase, we may remove that account from our system. You will need to reapply again after this happens
  8. If you are a new customer and are intending to place an initial order over $5000, please contact us for further information on discounts
  9. Please be familiar with our terms and conditions, especially our returns and backorder policies.