Here at Wholesale Wedding Superstore, we offer a huge range of chair sashes to suit every style and personality. Our unique range of lace and hessian sashes are both distinctive and lovely. Lace is a classic and timeless wedding decoration, and these beautiful lace chair bands, in either white or black, will be sure to add a touch of elegance to the overall atmosphere of your special day.  Chose from simple lace bands to more elaborate lace bows. If you are going for a more vintage, rustic look, then look no further than our simple yet adorable hessian chair sash.

Lace and Hessian Chair Sashes: Timeless and Rustic Charm

Our Lace and Hessian Chair Sashes collection offers a unique blend of classic charm and rustic chic, perfect for personalizing your wedding or special event seating. Featuring options like Black Lace, Natural Burlap, and White Lace in both sash and Lycra band styles, these accessories are ideal for adding a touch of elegance or earthiness to your decor.

Why Choose Lace or Hessian?

Lace sashes bring a delicate, intricate beauty to your event, ideal for themes ranging from vintage and romantic to elegant and sophisticated. Hessian, or burlap, sashes offer a textured, natural look, perfect for rustic, country, or bohemian-themed events. Both materials add depth and character to your seating, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your venue.

Perfect Thematic Fit

Lace sashes are best suited for classic weddings, garden parties, or any event that calls for a refined touch. Hessian sashes fit seamlessly into barn weddings, outdoor events, or celebrations with a natural, laid-back vibe. These versatile sashes can transform your space and complement a variety of themes with their distinctive textures.

Coordinated Decor Options

To further harmonize your event's appearance, consider pairing these chair sashes with our matching lace table runners or hessian table runners. This combination serves to tie your decor together and reinforce your theme.

Choose from our stunning range of Lace and Hessian Chair Sashes to bring a unique element to your event's decor, with the flexibility to match and enhance your chosen theme, from the elegantly traditional to the comfortably rustic.