Artificial Rose Garlands

One of the most classic flowers of all time, the beautiful Rose is a timeless choice for any wedding or special event. Our Artificial Rose Garlands add a beautiful touch to arches, pillars, columns, intertwined around chairs and across tabletops... the options are almost limitless! Our great selection of colours and quality ensures there is the perfect faux garland for every taste and budget.  Combine with other artificial flowers or greenery garlands to add an extra dimension to your display, or simply enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the rose garland itself.

Meaning and Significance

The elegant and romantic rose has always been a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. Its rich history and vibrant colors have made it a popular choice in wedding ceremonies across cultures and generations. From the traditional red rose to modern, vibrant hues, the rose continues to be a beloved element in wedding celebrations, as it symbolizes enduring love and commitment. Incorporating roses into your wedding theme not only adds a touch of elegance, but also carries a heartfelt message of love and devotion.

What Works Well with Roses

  1. Roses and Peonies: This classic combination of lush peonies with delicate roses creates a stunning, romantic ambiance. The varying shades of pink blend harmoniously, adding depth and visual interest to your floral arrangements.
  2. Roses and Hydrangeas: For a soft, dreamy look, pair roses with hydrangeas. The delicate nature of hydrangeas complements the beauty of roses, and together, they create a whimsical, fairy tale atmosphere.
  3. Lavender Flowers and Roses: A delightful pairing of roses and lavender flowers creates a captivating blend of color and fragrance. This versatile combination can easily be adapted to suit any wedding theme or color scheme.
  4. In a more unconventional mix, consider using roses with Thistle. The contrasting textures of these two flowers bring a touch of modernity to your arrangements, showcasing a perfect balance between elegance and edginess.
  5. Roses, Baby's Breath, and Carnations: This timeless combination creates a charming, classic arrangement that never goes out of style. The fullness of carnations and the delicate baby's breath serve as a beautiful backdrop for the star of the show, the rose.
  6. Orchids and Roses: For a truly sophisticated look, opt for a combination of roses and orchids. These exotic flowers, when paired with roses, evoke a sense of elegance and luxury that is sure to make your wedding feel like a glamorous affair.

Care Instructions

Caring for your Artificial Roses is easy - simply wipe them down with a damp cloth as needed to keep them looking beautiful. With proper care, your Artificial Roses will look beautiful for years to come..

Roses are such a versatile flower that can be used to bring unforgettable sophistication and beauty to every celebration. Their timelessness and effortless grace can light up any wedding atmosphere and make a special day truly unique.