Artificial Berries are a perfect addition to your flower arrangements. Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide array of artificial flowers in all of Australia, such as these ultra-realistic artificial berries. They come in different species and colours to seamlessly match your theme. You can have them as fillers or a centrepiece. See also; our extensive collection of other related wedding decorations such as wedding fabrics and wedding linens for more options. Add To Cart Now! Save More! 

Meaning and Significance

Artificial berries add a touch of rustic charm and natural allure to wedding decorations. These delightful accents not only provide texture and depth to flower arrangements but also symbolize abundance, happiness, and togetherness. With their rich, deep colors and versatile appearance, berries effortlessly enhance various wedding themes, from cozy winter gatherings to vibrant summer celebrations. Incorporating artificial berries into your wedding décor allows for long-lasting beauty while avoiding potential issues with real fruit, such as wilting or staining.

What Works Well with Artificial Berries

  1. Berries and Roses: The classic elegance of roses paired with the earthy charm of berries creates a timeless, romantic arrangement. This combination is both visually striking and symbolically rich, perfect for any wedding style.
  2. Berries, Hydrangeas, and Peonies: For a lush, full arrangement, combine artificial berries with the soft, abundant petals of hydrangeas and peonies. This trio adds texture and volume, making a grand statement at your wedding.
  3. Berries and Sunflowers: Capture the essence of a sun-kissed, country wedding by combining vibrant sunflowers with colorful berries. This pairing exudes warmth and happiness, celebrating the joys of love and unity.
  4. Berries, Thistle, and Allium: Create a whimsical, unique arrangement by blending artificial berries with the spiky, intriguing shapes of thistle and allium. This combination showcases nature's diversity and adds a touch of playfulness to your wedding décor.
  5. Berries and Lavender: For a rustic, aromatic display, pair berries with the calming fragrance and delicate appearance of lavender flowers. This duo evokes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty, perfect for a serene, countryside wedding.
  6. Berries, Orchids, and Anthuriums: Create an exotic, luxurious atmosphere by combining berries with the striking shapes of orchids and anthuriums. This stunning arrangement is both elegant and dramatic, perfect for a bold, unforgettable wedding.
  7. Berries and Baby's Breath: For a delicate, ethereal look, pair artificial berries with the soft, airy nature of baby's breath. This simple yet enchanting combination adds a touch of whimsy and romance to any wedding celebration.

Care Tips

Just like any delicate wedding decor, proper care and storage will ensure you get the most life out of your artificial berries. When storing, place them in a box or wrap in paper and store away from direct sunlight to maintain their natural look. As for cleaning, be sure not to use too much water as this can cause discoloration. A light, mild detergent and a soft cloth will do the trick and provide a thorough cleaning.

Achieve Timeless Beauty

Artificial berries can provide a timeless beauty to your wedding decor. Whether you choose to hang, drape, or layer them with faux florals, greenery, and other complementary elements, these beautiful berries are sure to add a captivating touch to your wedding. With proper care and storage, you can ensure these artificial berries will bring life and color to your wedding long after your special day.