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Meaning and Significance

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers used in weddings. These flowers are known for their large blooms, which can be found in shades of blue, pink, white, and purple. They are often used to create full, lush arrangements, and can also be used as a single bloom in a simple bouquet. In the language of flowers, hydrangeas are associated with gratitude, appreciation, and heartfelt emotions. This makes them a popular choice for wedding bouquets, as they represent the love and appreciation that the couple has for each other.

What Other Flowers Pair Well With Hydrangeas?

If you're considering using artificial hydrangeas in your wedding, you may be wondering what other flowers will complement them. Here are seven of the best flower combinations that work well with hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas and Anthuriums: The large, tropical blooms of anthuriums add a bold touch to hydrangeas' softness. They also create a beautiful contrast in color, with anthuriums typically coming in shades of red, orange, and pink.

Hydrangeas and Ranunculus: These delicate blooms come in a range of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant oranges and reds. Paired with hydrangeas, they add texture and visual interest to the arrangement.

Hydrangeas and Peonies: Peonies and hydrangeas are a classic combination that never goes out of style. The soft, ruffled petals of peonies create a romantic, feminine look when paired with the full, round blooms of hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas and Lilies: Lilies are another classic flower that pairs well with hydrangeas. Their elegant, trumpet-shaped blooms create a beautiful contrast with the round, full hydrangea flowers.

Hydrangeas and Cherry Blossoms: For a more whimsical look, consider pairing hydrangeas with cherry blossoms. These delicate pink and white blooms add a touch of romance to any arrangement.

Hydrangeas and Wisteria: Like cherry blossoms, wisteria adds a touch of whimsy to a hydrangea arrangement. The long, trailing stems of wisteria create a beautiful cascading effect when paired with the full, round blooms of hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas and ProteasThe hydrangeas provide a soft, romantic backdrop for the striking protea blooms, creating a beautiful contrast in colors and textures. Additionally, the proteas can add a tropical, exotic flair to an arrangement, while the hydrangeas provide a more classic, traditional look.

Hydrangeas are a beautiful and versatile flower that can be used in a variety of ways in wedding floral arrangements. Whether you're looking for a classic, romantic look or a modern, sophisticated style, hydrangeas can help you achieve the perfect wedding look.