Sourcing for your wedding and event needs is now made easy! Check out our extensive range of wedding tablecloths and table linens here in Australia at Wholesale Wedding Superstore. Amongst many others, we've brought together a massive array of table setting essentials, including table runners, napkins, placemats, to mention a few, making sure that we get all your needs covered at true wholesale pricing. 

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Give your wedding tables their much-needed face-lift with our commercial-grade polyester and lycra fitted tablecloths as well as 5-star cotton options. For stylish and ultra-functional materials, we also have satin, sequined fabrics, and plastic tablecloths to protect your table from spills and dirt. They are the perfect coverup for your buffet table, bar, cocktail table, and more. These tablecloths come in different shapes and sizes to match your rectangle, trestle, round and square tables, along with dry bar covers and toppers.

3 Things You Need To Consider When Buying Your Wedding Or Event Tablecloths

Choosing the right tablecloth is a pivotal part when planning for your wedding or event. It has the ability to make or break your design concept. You need to have a holistic view when deciding which set of tablecloths matches your character and overall theme. It should answer the questions such as: Is this the perfect size tablecloth for my tables? What will make a better experience for my guests? How can I get both practicality and functionality? Luckily for you, we have the answers to your questions. Here are three (3) things you need to consider when buying your wedding or event tablecloths.


Shapes, Sizes, and Draping

Knowing the perfect size tablecloth for your table may seem like an easy thing to do. However, you need to know the dimension of your table and decide how far you need the tablecloth to drop off its edges. The most common table shapes used for most weddings and events are round, rectangular, and square. Depending on the concept, some also add dry bars on the side. Here at Wholesale Wedding Superstore, we offer tablecloths in all shapes and sizes to exactly match your table with that fully draped look. From fitted to skirted tablecloths, find all you need right here.


Table Linens

Having the appropriate linen for your tablecloth indirectly affects the overall look and feel of your event. With so many options in the market, this part of the planning can be a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, if you know what type of guests you're serving, considering your design concept in mind, it should be easier to decide how you want your tablecloths to function. Should you wish to have table overlays, table skirtings, fitted tablecloths, or all glammed sequined covers with drapings down to the floor, all these should be intentional to provide a better experience for everyone. Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a range of tablecloths, from polyester to satin, plastic, sequined, and lycra, in varying colours and designs to meet your needs.


Wholesale Purchase

Go where you can save more! Probably the best advice anybody can give, and what most of us want to hear. But the real question is, how? Planning for your wedding or event is not cheap. And you are probably sourcing tirelessly to find the best solutions that give you both quality and savings. Well, your search is over! Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide array of premium wedding and event tablecloths in legit discounted wholesale pricing. All you need to do is add all you need to the cart and checkout! Easy shopping. Streamlined options. Amazing discounts.


Our massive range of linens and other products are in stock on the shelves at our Australian wedding warehouse, ready for postage within 24hrs. These products are quality made to endure multiple uses. From tablecloths to chair covers, drapings, and backdrops, together with all the minute details that matter in between, we have all you need in one place. All these, at discounted prices every day!


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