Dry bar covers offer a quick and effective way to give your event a more professional and cohesive look, concealing any imperfections or inconsistent styles of the bars underneath. They also provide a blank canvas, allowing you to align the appearance of your dry bars with the event's theme or color scheme, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Additionally, dry bar covers can protect the underlying furniture from spills and wear, ensuring they remain in good condition throughout the celebration.

Dress Up Your Dining with Dry Bar Covers

Bring modern style to a formal or informal gathering with our wholesale wedding dry bar table covers. Each lycra dry bar cover is made of stretchable Lycra material that wraps easily over the tops, legs and feet of cocktail tables and other circular tables and stands. Our dry bar covers are available in an assortment of colors making them an inexpensive and convenient option for any type of event, including weddings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, conventions and parties. Beyond tables, they’re also perfect for covering up non-theme decor and fixed objects in commercial reception and banquet halls, hotels and outdoor venues.

Caring for Your Cover

It is best to store your Dry Bar Cover in its original packaging. Make sure it is fully dry before storage as moisture can cause discoloration and fabric damage. If you need to clean it, use a cool machine wash with gentle detergent and make sure not to bleach or iron.

Dry Bar Covers are an affordable way to dress up your dining area and make sure your wedding decor looks its best. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can mix and match to find the perfect tone to fit your event. Plus, it's easy to use and care for so you can enjoy your special day without a worry.