An event dessert table often becomes a centre of activity during a celebration. With most weddings, the cake table is where everyone gathers to witness the love, trust and devotion a bride and groom share as they cut the cake together. We have both acrylic and silver plate wholesale wedding cake stands that can help make this area look spectacular. They feature various types of holes and tubes designed for decorative accents like flowers and battery-powered mini lights. Our stands are also great for displaying other types of desserts and decorations. Use them for pies and cupcakes or framed pictures.

Cake Stands


Let's talk about the elephant in the room, what everyone sees and adores in silence, the unspoken centrepiece of the day, the cake! As we appreciate lavish wedding decorations and a well-thought-out food menu, a wedding reception is never complete without the cake-cutting ceremony. This bit is where the guests gather to witness a decadent moment where the newlyweds manifest their love for each other as they take the first sweet bite of the rest of their lives. Thus, making this a crucial part of the event in terms of design and overall presentation.

In previous years, when elaborate frosting designs and multi-layered cakes were still a thing — a simple tablecloth would suffice. However, as the times evolved and how 2020 still affects the present trends, simpler cake creations, complete with exceptionally designed tablescapes, emerged. As lovely as your cake may be, wedding cake stands are the quickest and easiest way to accomplish a stellar presentation. Making the cake stands as the bone and base for this creative trend.

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Trend Alert 

Top 5 Trending Cake Stand Designs for Weddings

In 2020 we saw interesting trends in weddings and how they adapted to the times. Things became more intimate such as that venues were limited to only a few guests, and most ceremonies were held outdoors for safety reasons. Decorations were down to only the essentials — and the cake-cutting presentation — well, you can't really share a cake in public during those times. However, as the world gets back to its feet, wedding trends are starting to pick up, and people just can't stop being more and more creative with it. Here, we decided to give you a quick rundown of the latest trends in cake stand designs that might be useful for your wedding.


#1. Maypole Style

If you are a less traditional couple, who wants to do the cake-cutting ceremony with a twist, maypole-style cake stands for cupcakes and mini-cakes are perfect. They create the same fantasy in different presentations without ditching the whole meaning of the ritual.


#2. Mirrors and Crystals

Nothing screams classy and chic more than mirrors and crystal cake stands. Their natural sense of luxury and glamour has conditioned people to associate them with opulence and power.


#3. Metallics

Metallics never get old. As rustic and vintage-themed weddings continue to gain popularity over the years, metallic cake stands are now in demand more than ever — think a gold cake stand and silver cake stand.


#4. Cake Stand Sets

As multi-layered cakes seem to have slightly diminished over the years, individual cakes in different sizes emerged. And what better way to present these cakes but with cake stand sets. You can heave them in the same size and length or a multi-level design.


#5. Arches

Wedding cake arches are the drama of this season. They create fantasy with the help of some tulles, blooms, and other party supplies.


DIY Tips and Tricks

Because we believe you can, we are here to help! Here are some top trends in DIY wedding cake stand accessories you don't want to miss.


#1. Tulles (other wedding fabrics and event linens are also available)

#2. Greeneries

#3. Rhinestones

#4. Artificial Flowers

#5. Beads and Pearls