There are around 1350 species of Wattle (also known as Acacia) worldwide, and around 1000 of these are native to Australia. Famous for its signature fluffy yellow flowers, Wattle can actually range from white to almost orange in colour. Though fresh Wattle flowers tend to easily fall off everywhere, our Artificial Wattle flowers will stay looking great day after day! They act as perfect fillers for a large number of flower arrangements, yet also stand alone as an attractive and unique flower. Because they are small and dainty, and can be bought in neutral colours, our Wattle compliments a large number of other artificial flowers.

Meaning and Significance

With it's stunning yellow pom-pom-like flowers standing out in the Aussie bush, the Wattle flower (or Acacia) is Australia's official national floral emblem. 

The wattle flower is symbolic of several things, including resilience, unity, and the spirit of Australia. Its bright yellow color is said to represent optimism, and its blooming in late winter and early spring represents new beginnings and the coming of warmer weather. The wattle has also been used as a symbol of remembrance for Australian soldiers who have fought in wars, particularly in World War I.

In Indigenous Australian cultures, the wattle has traditionally been used for various purposes, such as for medicine, food, and tools. It is also used in ceremonies and as a symbol of the land and its people. The wattle flower is considered to be a symbol of connectedness and belonging to the land, and its use in Indigenous cultures dates back thousands of years.

In recent times, the unique yellow blossoms of wattle flowers have become more popular among florists as they add a pop of color and vibrancy to any wedding decor.  Due to fresh wattle being quite fragile and easily broken, Artificial acacias have become a popular choice for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding aisle decorations.


What Other Flowers Pair Well With Acacias?

If you're considering incorporating artificial acacias into your wedding decor, here are seven flower combinations that are sure to complement their beauty:

Acacias and Leucospermums: This unique pairing of two Australian natives creates a bold and dramatic look, perfect for a rustic or bohemian wedding theme.

Acacias and Frangipani: The bright yellow of the acacia flower pairs beautifully with the soft pink and white hues of frangipani blooms. This combination is ideal for a tropical or beach wedding. You may find adding other bright artificial flowers and some soft fake greenery can complete the look for you.

Acacias and Cherry Blossom: The delicate petals of cherry blossoms and the vibrant yellow of acacias make for a stunning contrast. This combination works well for a springtime or garden wedding.

Acacias and Wisteria: The soft lavender hues of wisteria paired with the vibrant yellow of acacias creates a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. This combination is perfect for a fairy tale or vintage-inspired wedding theme.

Acacias and Agapanthus: The blue-purple blooms of agapanthus paired with the bright yellow of acacias create a striking color contrast. This combination is ideal for a modern and minimalist wedding theme.

Acacias and Proteas: The bold and exotic blooms of proteas paired with the unique yellow of acacias create a statement-making combination. This pairing works well for a bohemian or eclectic wedding theme.

Acacias and Anthuriums: The vibrant and tropical blooms of anthuriums paired with the bright yellow of acacias create a bold and eye-catching combination. This pairing is perfect for a beach or destination wedding.


No matter what flower combination you choose, artificial acacias are sure to add a touch of warmth and happiness to your special day.