Available in a classic white that is perfect for Weddings, our charming artificial Agapanthus feature the pretty ball-like flowers at the end of a long stem that this plant is so well-known for. Our white Agapanthus flowers look fantastic as part of an all-white display: check out our other white artificial flowers to see what else we have available. Of course, if you're going for colour, these versatile faux flowers will add an extra dimension to floral displays and bridal bouquets of any shade!

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Meaning and Significance

Agapanthus, also known as the "African lily," represents love, devotion, and long-lasting affection. This beautiful flower is native to southern Africa and has become a popular choice for weddings due to its symbolism and stunning appearance. Agapanthus can be used in a variety of ways at weddings, from centerpieces and bouquets to decorations and boutonnieres. Whether you're going for a classic or modern wedding theme, Agapanthus can complement any style.


What Other Flowers Pair Well With Agapanthus?

Agapanthus is a versatile flower that can be paired with a wide range of other artificial flowers to create stunning arrangements. Here are seven of the best combinations to consider for your wedding:

Agapanthus and Leucospermums: Create a unique and eye-catching arrangement by pairing Agapanthus with Leucospermums. These two flowers are perfect for a modern and contemporary wedding theme.

Agapanthus and Frangipani: The combination of Agapanthus and Frangipani creates a tropical and exotic vibe, perfect for a beach or destination wedding. These flowers also come in a range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect combination for your wedding color scheme.

Agapanthus and Cherry Blossom: For a romantic and whimsical wedding theme, pair Agapanthus with Cherry Blossom. The soft pink hues of Cherry Blossom complement the blue and purple tones of Agapanthus perfectly.

Agapanthus and Wisteria: Wisteria and Agapanthus create an elegant and sophisticated look that is perfect for a classic or vintage wedding theme. These flowers also come in a range of colors, making it easy to match them with your wedding color scheme.

Agapanthus and Lavender Flowers: Combine Agapanthus with Lavender Flowers to create a rustic and charming wedding theme. The soft purple hues of Lavender Flowers complement the blue and purple tones of Agapanthus perfectly, creating a beautiful and harmonious color palette.

Agapanthus and Proteas: Pair Agapanthus with Proteas to create a bold and dramatic look that is perfect for a modern or industrial wedding theme. The deep purple tones of Agapanthus complement the bold and architectural shapes of Proteas perfectly.

Agapanthus and Hydrangeas: Combine Agapanthus with Hydrangeas to create a soft and romantic wedding theme. These flowers come in a range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect combination for your wedding color scheme.


Whether you want a modern or classic wedding theme, Agapanthus can pair well with a variety of flowers to create a beautiful and cohesive arrangement. With its stunning blue and purple hues, it can be paired with softer pastels like Lavender Flowers or bolder shades like Proteas for a more dramatic look. Consider combining Agapanthus with other flowers like Leucospermums, Frangipani, Cherry Blossom, Wisteria, Hydrangeas, or even Proteas to create an unforgettable and unique wedding floral arrangement.