Whether you are looking to decorate frames and arches, reception tables, pillars or columns you will enjoy browsing through our diverse range of greenery garlands ranging from Artificial Eucalyptus Garlands to Artificial Ivy Garlands. Feel free to add pops of colour by using some of our beautiful Artificial Flowers, or, if you are after a soft and natural look, let the green leaves speak for themselves.

A Greenery Garland for the Big Day

This elegant piece of décor brings a simple yet stunning touch to your special day and will provide a beautiful backdrop for all of your photos. Choosing a greenery garland for your wedding is the perfect way to bring a soft and natural look to your wedding décor. With the right care, your garland should last beyond the wedding and well into the future, a reminder of a special day.

Using Greenery Garlands to Your Best Advantage

Greenery garlands are an understatedly elegant addition to any wedding décor. Here’s a few tips to get the most from your garland:

  1. Use the garland to spruce up the wedding aisle. Drape it along the length of the aisle for a classic ceremony look.
  2. Hang the garland from the ceiling or from a wall or tent structure. This creates a stunning backdrop that really makes the décor pop.
  3. Consider complimenting the greenery garland with other items such as signs, banners, and florals.

Care Instructions

To have your greenery garlands looking their best, keep them away from direct heat sources, keep them away from water, mist the leaves with water lightly often and hang them in a cool, shady spot out of direct sunlight when not in use.

A greenery garland is a timeless addition to any wedding décor. From the aisle to the backdrop, it’s a simple, natural, and elegant way to set the tone for your special day and make for some gorgeous photos of your celebrations. With the right care, your greenery garland will be a wonderful reminder of your most special day for many years to come.