Although originally from South Africa, Protea flowers mix in perfectly with Australian Native flowers in floral arrangements. So well, in fact, that many people believe they are actually native to Australia. These stunning and unique flowers have become quite trendy in the last couple of years, and it looks like now they have been discovered their popularity is not waning any time soon! At Wholesale Wedding Superstore, we offer a range of stunning protea stems which look incredible in a vase on their own as a statement piece, but which can also be combined with a huge variety of other Artificial Flowers to create a spectacular display.

Meaning and Significance

Proteas are native to South Africa and are known for their exotic and unique beauty. Proteas have become increasingly popular in weddings as they are a symbol of change, diversity, courage, and transformation. They are often used in bohemian and tropical-themed weddings (although not a tropical flower), adding an exotic touch to the floral arrangements. Proteas are also durable and long-lasting, making them a great choice for bouquets and centerpieces.


What Other Flowers Pair Well With Proteas?

If you're looking to create a stunning wedding floral arrangement with proteas, here are 7 flower combinations to consider:

Proteas and Acacias (Wattle): This combination creates a beautiful contrast of shapes and colors, with the bright yellow of the acacia tree flowers complementing the soft and subtle tones of the proteas.

Proteas and Daisy & Gerberas: This combination creates a charming and rustic feel. The daisies and gerberas add a soft touch of white and yellow to the proteas' bold and vibrant hues.

Proteas and Wisteria: This combination creates a romantic and elegant feel. The soft purple tones of the wisteria beautifully complement the warm and bold hues of the proteas.

Proteas and Lavender Flowers: This combination creates a soothing and calming feel. The subtle tones of the lavender flowers provide a gentle contrast to the strong and bold proteas.

Proteas and Agapanthus: This combination creates a striking and dramatic feel. The deep blue of the agapanthus provides a stunning contrast to the bold and vibrant hues of the proteas.

Proteas and Anthuriums: This combination creates a modern and chic feel. The bright red and pink tones of the anthuriums complement the warm and bold hues of the proteas, creating a bold and unique look.

Proteas and Magnolia: This combination creates a timeless and classic feel. The soft white of the magnolia flowers provides a delicate contrast to the bold and vibrant hues of the proteas, creating a stunning and elegant look.


With these flower combinations, you can create a beautiful and unique wedding floral arrangement featuring proteas. Whether you're going for a bohemian, tropical, rustic, romantic, calming, striking, modern, or timeless look, there's a flower combination that can complement the beauty of proteas. In addition to their stunning beauty, artificial proteas offer practical benefits for weddings. Unlike fresh flowers, they won't wilt, wither, or lose their color, making them perfect for destination weddings or outdoor celebrations where the weather can be unpredictable. Artificial proteas are also an affordable option, saving you money without sacrificing style.