Table and stage skirting provide a refined look at your wedding or event whilst hiding the base of the table or stage and any items underneath; ensuring a tidy and uniform appearance. It complements the overall theme, adding to a more cohesive look at your venue. Moreover, skirting can match your event’s color scheme and style, with options ranging from from table skirting in pastel coloured layers of tulle to classic, sleek black.

Stage and Table Skirting: Essential Details for Events

Skirting Solutions for Every Setting

Our collection of stage and table skirting is designed to meet all your event needs, providing a clean and uniform look across your venue. From weddings to elegant gatherings to professional conferences, there is something for you amongst our wide range of options.

Stage Skirting

Improve the appearance of your stage with our range of stage skirting options. Ideal for concealing equipment and creating a seamless backdrop, our high quality black stage skirting is available in various sizes. The skirting is heavy duty polyester and has box pleats with velcro backing, and comes with velcro for clips and additional velcro at ends for ease of joining lengths.

Table Skirting by Size

Select the perfect fit with our table skirting by size category. Offering a variety of lengths, colours and styles, this range ensures that every table, regardless of its dimensions, looks impeccably dressed and in harmony with the event's decor.

Table Skirting Clips

Secure your skirting in place with our durable table skirting clips. These essential accessories are designed to fit a range of table thicknesses, ensuring that your skirting remains neat and tidy throughout the event.

Tulle Table Skirting

Add a touch of magic with our tulle table skirting. Perfect for weddings, baby showers, and festive celebrations, tulle skirting brings a soft, dreamy feel to your tables. Available in colours that can be matched with your event's palette.

Complete Your Event’s Style

With our comprehensive range of stage and table skirting options, you can effortlessly create a polished and unified look for your event. Explore our selections to find the perfect skirting solutions that not only fit your practical needs but also complement your decor seamlessly.