These artificial Grasses will instantly elevate your flower arrangements. Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide selection of artificial flowers in Australia, like these highly realistic grasses. They are available in different colours and varieties. They are perfect for giving your overall design volume and texture, looking more visually appealing. See also; our extensive collection of other related wedding essentials such as wedding fabrics and event linens for more options. Add To Cart Now! Save More! 

Create a Natural Aesthetic

For a rustic, eco-friendly feel to your wedding, enlist artificial grasses for a variety of uses. Incorporating a garden feel for seating areas, pathways, and backup dancefloors, the grasses can offer another layer of texture and colour that is sure to please you and your guests. Artificial grass is also safe to use near candles.

7 Uses to Get the Most from your Artificial Grasses

  1. Line aisles of your ceremony with grasses to really bring the outside in.
  2. Create different areas with the grasses to add a contrast and charm.
  3. Use the grass to form a natural atmosphere in indoor facilities.
  4. Use sections of grasses to create divided walkways and provide guests with extra seating.
  5. Use artificial grass spray to add texture and create an organic aesthetic in jars or vases.

Care Instructions

When not in use store your grass in a dry and dark area and off the ground. Be sure to avoid any direct light or heat sources to maintain the vibrant colour and to stop contamination from outdoor elements.

Bring your Wedding to Life

Bring adds a little something special to your wedding day. Whether you are going for a more rustic look or a vibrant and chic aesthetic, the possibilities of what you can do with your artificial grasses is almost endless. They provide great value, are safe to use, and can contribute to eco-friendlier weddings. By selecting the right pieces of decor you can complete your atmosphere and truly make your wedding day one to remember.