Get on the wild side with our fun and unique animal print napkins. Animal prints aren't your thing? Add a touch of class and elegance with our Damask print. These printed napkins are all a 50cm square made from taffeta with a flocked velvet print.

Printed Napkins: A Statement in Every Fold

In the realm of event planning, the devil truly is in the details. Among these, printed napkins stand out as a subtle yet impactful way to add personality and flair to any table setting. Whether for a wedding, a corporate event, or a casual gathering, choosing the right napkins can significantly elevate the dining experience. Our collection of printed napkins, featuring black and white designs, offers a stylish twist to conventional table linens.

Unleashing Creativity with Patterns 

Our selection includes three distinct patterns: the bold black and white tiger safari, the elegant damask velvet flocked, and the adventurous leopard print safari napkins. Each design serves a different aesthetic, allowing you to tailor your event's look to match your unique vision. These patterns are not just napkins; they're conversation starters, adding an element of surprise and sophistication to your tables.

Why Opt for Printed Napkins?

Personal Touch: Printed napkins offer a fantastic opportunity to inject a personal touch into your event decor. They can mirror the theme of your wedding or event, reflecting your personality or the essence of the occasion. Besides all that, they're just plain fun!

Visual Impact: While often overlooked, napkins occupy significant visual real estate on your tables. Choosing a printed design can add depth and interest to your tablescapes, complementing your overall decor and making a memorable impact on your guests.

Versatility: Black and white as a colour scheme offers unmatched versatility. It can seamlessly integrate with any colour palette, from vibrant hues to more subdued tones, providing a backdrop that either contrasts or complements the surrounding decor.

Memorable Detail: For many guests, it's the small details that leave a lasting impression. Printed napkins can be one of those memorable elements that guests admire and remember long after the event.

Integrating Printed Napkins into Your Event

Incorporating printed napkins into your event decor is more straightforward than it might seem. For weddings, they can accentuate the theme, be it a classic elegance, a wild safari adventure, or a modern chic affair. In corporate settings, they add a touch of fun and quirky attention to detail that speaks volumes about the company’s brand.

Whether you're drawn to the wild allure of safari prints or the classic beauty of damask patterns, these napkins provide an easy and effective way to elevate your decor. Remember, it’s the little details that can make the biggest difference, and with our printed napkins, you’re sure to create an event that’s as unique and memorable as the occasions they celebrate.