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Meaning and Significance

Cosmos is an artificial flower that has been used in wedding décor for centuries. The cheerful and delicate shape serves to symbolise the joy and love shared by the couple. This flower’s long history of use in weddings makes it a timeless choice for those looking for a subtle yet beautiful way to celebrate love. It is one of the oldest known flowers to have been used traditionally in present day weddings.

What Other Flowers Pair Well with Cosmos?

Leucospermums: The yellow and gently curved shape of the leucospermum, paired with the soft white blooms of the Cosmos flower, can create the perfect setting for a romantic and elegant wedding.

Acacia Tree (Wattle): This artificial flower will help to add a special and unique touch to the bouquet, with its deep yellow hue. If it is paired with the clean lines of the Cosmos, it will create an eye-catching design.

Frangipani: This brightly-colored flower adds a beautiful pop of color to any bouquet. When paired with the dreamy white Cosmos, the textures and colors of the two flowers look stunning together.

Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossom stands for a kind of new beginning, and when put beside Cosmos, it can make for a sweet and beautiful floral arrangement. The subtle colors of the Cherry Blossom will look perfect with the Cosmos flowers.

Daisy & Gerberas: The whimsical petals of a daisy or gerbera flower pair extremely well with the delicate Cosmos flower. When combined, they create a beautiful and romantic bouquet that is perfect for a wedding.

Wisteria: Wisteria adds a romantic, natural charm to any wedding décor. When teamed with the bright white Cosmos, it creates a soft and elegant bouquet.

Lavender Flowers: With its soothing scent and vibrant color, Lavender flowers add an extra special element to any bouquet. When combined with the simple Cosmos, it creates a unique and stunning floral arrangement.

No matter how you choose to combine the cosmos flower with other flowers, it's sure to create a beautiful and memorable look for your wedding day. Whether you're going for a romantic, whimsical feel or a tropical, exotic vibe, the cosmos flower is a versatile and stunning choice.