Your wedding day is filled with unforgettable moments, and the journey to your happily ever after is one of them. At Wedding Superstore, we offer a delightful selection of Bridal Car Ribbons designed to add a touch of charm and elegance to your getaway car. Whether you prefer waterproof ribbons in vibrant colors or the classic sophistication of satin, our ribbons are here to make your bridal exit truly memorable.

Your wedding  car is a symbol of your journey as a newlywed couple, and our Bridal Car Ribbons are the perfect way to personalize it. With a variety of colors and materials to choose from, you can find the ribbons that match your wedding theme or simply express your unique style. From waterproof ribbons that withstand the elements to satin ribbons that exude timeless elegance, our collection offers options for every bride and groom.

The moment you drive away as a married couple is a magical one, and our Bridal Car Ribbons add a touch of elegance to the occasion. These ribbons aren't just decorations; they're a reflection of your love and joy. Whether you opt for a classic white ribbon or a vibrant burst of color, they're there to adorn your car and create a stunning backdrop for your departure.



Car Ribbons


Car ribbons and decorating wedding cars are just as old as time — it's tradition. The excitement of getting married is contagious, and people like seeing happy couples getting married. We live for an opportunity to see a physical manifestation of love. And what better way to do that than riding in a fully decorated wedding car on your way to your wedding venue. From a barrage of artificial flowers placed on the car hood, tin cans trailing off the bumper, and a "just married" sticker on the window, we adore a good expression of love. However you decide to decorate your wedding car, one thing seems in common — tieing things up together — car ribbons!

Car ribbons come in different colours, sizes, and materials. However, these aren't the only things you need to consider when picking what car ribbon to use. You want something that matches your theme, wedding decorations, and overall aesthetic — even the season or the weather forecast on your wedding day. As it also dictates what type of car you should use. In this case, your safest bet will be on waterproof car ribbons or craft and floristry accessories that can withstand unpredictable weather conditions.

Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide variety of car ribbons at wholesale discounted pricing. You can buy them separately or in bulk, whatever works for you and your budget. We are committed to providing Australia with affordable wedding and event essentials without sacrificing quality and design. Our products are available nationwide, and we offer swift shipping to all major cities, like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


Trend Alert 

Top 10 Trending Wedding Car Designs Using Car Ribbons

Wedding car decorations — if you think you've seen it all in the movies, think again. As time challenges human creativity, new trends in wedding decorations and design perspectives emerge. Some are visually gratifying, others more functional. Finding a balance between all the things that need consideration can be challenging. However, trust in people's innovative pursuits and boundless imagination to bring your deepest fantasies into life. Here are the top 5 trendiest wedding car decorations using car ribbons.


#1. Coloured Poms

Whether you want a pop of colour or a fun wedding car filled with perky, multicoloured pom-poms, this is a trend for you. Poms are a great decorative idea with a touch of humour and personality — complete with complimenting ribbons and bows.


#2. Customized Balloons

The best way to show character is customization. Themed match balloons with personalized prints could be anything from your wedding date and names to some sweet verbiage.


#3. Floral Bows

Floral bows are a classic. But what makes this idea unique is the placement. Place individual flower bows sporadically or by bunch throughout your entire wedding car or in sections using car ribbons and blooms — there are no rules, but make sure to have fun.


#4. Printed Ribbons

A printed plain white ribbon topped with carefully curated blooms is a homerun. Nothing beats a simple, well-thought-out concept rendered intentionally.


#5. Flower Garlands

Flower garlands are a staple, and there's a reason why they never gout of the trend — they are practical. All you need to do is carefully pick and arrange your flowers and greeneries into a string of beautifully decorated garlands and hang them on your wedding car, complete with ribbon strips.


#6. Burlap, Ribbon, and Lace

This design idea makes more sense for highly thematic weddings — think Cottagecore, Rustic, Boho, and the like. This delightful trend exhibits elegance and subtle chic with a touch of earth.


#7. Tulles

Tulles, being the delight that they are, hits the top of the charts for 2022 wedding decoration trends. This simple yet elegant fabric makes the best draping there is — complete with ribbons and bows, expect nothing less than an ethereal finish.


#8. Stunning Organza

Organzas, traditionally of silk, but modern variations of this luxurious fabric for more sustainable pricing emerged. Organzas make a stunning drapery around your wedding car, topped with beautiful artificial flower arrangements, ribbons, and bows.


#9. Custom Plates

We've seen custom plates done before for wedding cars. Custom plates never go out of the recommended trends list because of their high concept design with personalization elements. An effective trend is anything that incorporates your character and personality as a couple and can translate into part of your decors.


#10. Just Married Flags

We've seen "Just Married" plates and stickers done before. However, "Just Married" flags are here to swoop the competition by coming in at number 10 on our list. They are custom, simple, and compelling — everything we want for our wedding car decorations. 


DIY Tips and Tricks

DIY car decoration is not as easy as you think. A lot of it is design perspective, of course, but safety is also one significant aspect you need to consider because gas, friction, and combustible materials are at play. Here are some safety tips to note when creating your DIY wedding car decorations.


#1. If it's a rental car, ask the driver for any decorations restrictions or set protocols before adding a bunch of charges to your bill

#2. If it's your car, feel free to have a little more fun with your decoration, but you may want to slow down with materials that can damage the exterior or finish of your car

#3. The materials you need to avoid at all costs are spray paints, masking tape, and creams, or anything that contains sugar could destroy your car's paint and electrical system 

#4. Please proceed with caution when using tin cans trailed at the back of your wedding car — they can produce sparks when dragged against the pavements and may also be illegal in your area

#5. Tuck and secure all the extra wedding fabrics from your drapery and the ribbons attached to your car that may get caught in between your tires

#6. Clear all the decoration that may get in between the wipers — you need your wipers to function in case of sudden rainfall

#7. Make sure to avoid decorations that may block the driver's view