Artificial Garlands are an amazingly versatile piece of decorating material. You can wrap those around your arbours and post or candelabras can look stunning with rose and ivy garlands entwined around them. Artificial garlands are fake chains containing leave and flowers. We have roses, lily, camellia, sunflowers and more available in a range of colour and qualities from budget to deluxe.

Give your guests a special treat with our artificial garlands. 

Specially crafted to blend in with the rest of your wedding decorations, this accessory is suitable for a variety of decorative functions. Whether you wish to hang them on arches, wrap them around entrances, or place them on your wedding tables, they will do just fine. 

Our collection of artificial garlands are made of high-quality materials and sure to last. You could use them for different occasions, or even hand out these garlands as souvenirs to your guests. 

These garlands are available in different sizes, and you will find the right length for the design you have in mind. With our 10 meters long jute leaf cord, you could create any decorative figures you wish or even hang the rest of your decorations with relative ease.

Check out our amazing collection of artificial garlands and pick some that will leave a lasting memory on your wedding guests