Artificial Garlands

Artificial Garlands are an amazingly versatile piece of wedding decoration material. You can wrap them around your arbours and post or drape them against the walls. Candelabras would look stunning with rose and ivy garlands entwined around them. Scan through our carefully curated collection of garlands and find everything you need in one place.

Artificial garlands are faux chains containing delicately arranged leaves and flowers. We have roses, lilies, camellias, sunflowers and more! They are available in different colours and qualities — from budget to deluxe. Find all the garlands you need alongside other artificial flowers and floristry accessories only here at Wholesale Wedding Superstore.

A Timeless Wedding Decoration

Garlands bring a touch of timeless elegance to any wedding decor. From cascading delicate rosebuds, to soft satin ribbons and intricate lace, these easy-to-assemble pieces will create a romantic atmosphere for your special day. Whether used to adorn a tent, dress up the wedding cake, or line the aisle for a grand entrance, garlands are a beautiful and effortless way to enhance your wedding theme.

Garlands are a great choice to make your wedding stand out. Their bright colors and intricate designs can transform basic linens into a striking centerpiece, or can delicately accessorize any wedding dress. You don't have to make a statement with garlands; they can also be used to make a subtle, but powerful, impact with a hint of color and texture. They offer an inexpensive, easy way to make your special day more memorable.

Make the Most of your Garlands:

  1. Use garlands to tie elegant bows on chair backs or bunting to adorn tables and walls.
  2. Create a dazzling garland out of crystal beads to drape on the wedding archway.
  3. Make your photos stand out! Decorate your photo backdrop with a garland of fresh flowers.
  4. Gather different shades of garlands to complete a gorgeous multi-color look.
  5. Combine various colors and textures to add some extra flair to the decor.
  6. Make a unique garland by using artificial flowers, beads, and ribbons tucked in together.

Care Instructions:

Garlands should be handled with extreme care. Normal wear and tear can occur, but storing them in an air-tight container will help them last. For best-preserved garlands, keep out of direct sunlight and away from any sharp objects.

With the right care, these decorations can remain a beautiful reminder of your special day and a cherished keepsake of your love.