The quintessential classic wedding flower, the Rose is a timeless choice for your special day.  From silk to foam, from long single stems to bouquets; we stock a wide range of Artificial Roses in a variety of colours.  Roses look beautiful as a stand-alone feature, but for a twist on the classic, try pairing your Roses with other artificial flowers such as Peonies, or even some of our Artificial Native Australian Flowers or Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves. The beauty of our life-like fake Roses is that your Bridal bouquet will last not only all day, but for many years to come!

What are our Artificial Roses Made of?

Our Artificial Roses are made of various materials; from silk and fabric to high-quality latex foam, to plastic. Some are a combination of both fabric and plastic.  Click on the product description for each artificial flower and you will be able to see what that particular item is made of.