Artificial Moss is an unusual and versatile plant that has been somewhat underrated until recent times. Artificial Moss lends an air of natural and untouched beauty; perfect for any woodland or natural, rustic-themed wedding or event. Our moss-covered rocks, balls, and logs can be placed inside decorative terrariums and vases, scattered across tabletops, or used in larger displays. Our long, winding artificial moss-covered sticks look lovely added to your other artificial flowers in vases as table centrepieces. Our products vary from budget to high quality, so there is guaranteed to be something for every moss fan out there!


Artificial Moss

If you’re shopping for wedding decorations, artificial moss is an excellent choice. It provides an earthy hue that elegantly complements almost any color palette, so it’s a great addition to any wedding theme. Plus, it is a low maintenance way to bring a touch of nature to your wedding venue. Additionally, artificial moss can be used to add texture to plain walls, fabrics, or even furniture. And thanks to its versatile nature, it can be styled any way you see fit.

Make the Most of Moss:

  1. Create a background for napkin rings, table numbers or any other signs or decorations.
  2. Add it to a wreath or make a one-of-a-kind wall hanging with a few creative touches.
  3. Use it for aisle accents on the wedding night; secure it to the floor with pins, dots of hot glue, or a few drops of wax.
  4. Hang it delicately from walls, beams and even chandeliers.


Artificial moss is incredibly easy to care for; a vacuuming and occasional dusting to avoid dust build up is all that is required.

Decorating your special day with artificial moss is a choice that you will not regret. As the moss weathers and fades, it will become an even more beautiful and unique decoration, adding a personalized and delicate touch to your special day that you'll carry with you for the years to come. With artificial moss, you're sure to add an element of organic elegance to your ceremony or event.