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Do you feel like taking the party planner role for your next event? You came to the right place. We are here to set you up for success. Let's face it, planning a party or event is an art form. And art takes time, a clear vision, and the right set of tools. It is not an easy task to commit to all by yourself. However, preparedness is always the key.


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6 Ways To Thow An Epic Party

Everybody wants an epic party — whether you are attending or throwing one. Make your party planning a little less stressful and a lot more fun with a checklist that's a sure hit. Unleash the party planner in you with these six (6) simple tips on how to throw an epic party.


#1. Party Theme

Come up with a theme for your party. Whether it's your hen party, baby shower or an annual celebration with family and friends, it is always fun to have a cohesive theme for your guests. Most importantly, having a thematic event paves a clear vision for your overall event decorations.


#2. Dress Code

A dress code for your party usually goes with the theme. It could be a post-apocalyptic, flower power, or pink flamingo-themed event. Whichever you decide, make it a point that your guests understand the theme and dress accordingly. 


#3. Activities

Keeping your guests entertained is a must at any party or event. Having games/activities prepared for your guests is always appreciated. May that be a drinking game, a board game, or a fun little parlour game — the activities should reflect the celebration and what your guests enjoy.


#4. Drinks

You don't need a cupbearer for this one, no worries. However, you need to ensure that cups are either half full or half empty. The drinks keep the conversation and fun flowing at any party or event. An open bar or round shots can be some of your options.


#5. Lighting And Music

We all know that great lighting makes a sick Instagram photo. And at a party, bright lights make people more self-conscious. Loosen the vibe with soft and moody lighting to hype up your guests. A live band would be sick for your music, but a good playlist works too.


#6. Have Fun

Nothing makes a party more alive than a present and engaged host. Have fun! You have done all the preparations at this point — let things happen. If something unplanned comes up, think that those bits of unexpected moments create unforgettable memories.


DIY Tips and Tricks

Do you want to decorate your party venue DIY style? Here are some quick tips to help you out.


#1. Measurements: Make sure that you got all your measurements accurate — you want your decorations to fit your venue space perfectly

#2. PEGs: Get PEGs for your design concept, or you can create your own — preparedness is a must!

#3. Fabrics: Make sure you have all the lengths you need — it is safe to get double or triple the size of the space you are covering (for backdrops and drapings)

#4. Permits: Communicate with the venue owner regarding restrictions like drill holes, nails, or adhesives

#5. Supplements: Add all your extra decors after securing your drapery: flower arrangments, matching wedding linensartificial flowers, as well as craft and floristry accessories