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Sunshine Coast Warehouse

Our Sunshine Coast Wedding Warehouse Facility is located at Kunda Park near Maroochydore. Unfortunately being a Wholesale Warehouse Facility means we are not open to the public. We are no longer able to offer sales, customer service or product viewing from our warehouse.

93 Enterprise St, Kunda Park QLD 4556

07 5445 1042

How to Contact Us

If you have a pre-purchase product enquiry: Please email us or call us on 07 5445 1042 and our warehouse staff will do the best they can to help you with your enquiry. I they are not able to help them may ask you to email our sales department for more information. If you are emailing please ensure you include all information in the email we need then we do not need to come back to you for information as that could slow things down.

If you needing urgent dispatch on an order: Please call us (do not email) on 07 5445 1042 and our warehouse staff will advise if that is possible. Please be aware express post and urgent mail is collected from our warehouse at around 11.30 each day, this enables it to travel down to Brisbane in the afternoon to be sorted with Brisbanes evening mail. It may not always be possible to process your order urgently as at certain times of year there are a lot off urgent orders. We ask that you do not take out your frustration on our warehouse staff if they are unable to accomodate your request. It is always best to get your orders in early just in case there are any delays in our warehouse or in transit to you.

There is an issue with an order you received or your order has not arrived: Please contact us via email for all post sale issues, our sales staff will be able to help you quickly by this method of contact. Please call or email to request to speak to sales or ask that that phone you as these post sale issue need to be handled via email only. ​​

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