Improve the appearance of your stage with our range of stage skirting options. Ideal for concealing equipment and creating a seamless backdrop, our high quality, commercial-grade stage skirting is available in various sizes to match various stage heights. The skirting is heavy duty polyester and has box pleats with velcro backing. Skirting comes with velcro for clips and additional velcro at ends for ease of joining lengths.

Stage and Table Skirting: Professional Finish for Every Occasion

Durable and Practical Skirting Solutions

Our stage and table skirting collection is tailored to meet the needs of various events, offering a sleek and professional look with its heavy-duty, commercial-grade pleated polyester fabric. Available in classic black, these skirtings deliver both functionality and style.

Choose Your Height

With options including 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm in height, our stage skirting can accommodate different stage designs and preferences. This range ensures a perfect fit for any event setup, from conferences to weddings and beyond.

Designed for Convenience

Each piece of skirting comes with velcro attached, ready for clips, making the installation process straightforward and efficient. Additional velcro at the ends allows for easy joining of lengths, ensuring a seamless look across larger stages.

Ready for Any Event

Whether you're setting up for a formal gathering, a business conference, or a festive celebration, our stage skirting provides a smart and tidy foundation. Its robust material and thoughtful design make it a reliable choice for event planners and decorators seeking a no-fuss yet polished appearance for their venue.

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