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Stylish Tablecloths for Trestle Tables

To achieve the ideal look at your wedding, here are some of the ways you can maximize the use of your tablecloths:

  1. Match your colors: These tablecloths come in a range of colors, offering you the opportunity to work around your theme colors. This will offer a cohesive and stylish look.
  2. Layer them with linens: For those that desire more texture and a more detailed look, layers of the tablecloths paired with a carefully-crafted table runner, or a complimentary table cloth, can bring the tables alive.
  3. Enhance with other decor: Add to the look with well-chosen tableware, centerpieces, and LED lights. These can be added to complete the atmosphere and create impact.
  4. Pair with other decor items: For those looking for an even bigger impact, you can pair your trestle tablecloth with chair drapes and sashes, chair runners, table napkins and skirting, and other items in the same colors and design scheme.

Care Instructions

To maintain the quality of your trestle tablecloths, hand or machine wash them with mild detergent. Then, allow it to air-dry and avoid direct heat sources. Ironing is possible, however, do not dry clean.

Your wedding is a beautiful meeting of tradition and style, and adding an impressive showpiece to your tables need not be expensive. Create a lasting impression and give your special day the look it deserves with our stylish trestle tablecloths.