Flocked Finish Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear Artificial Flowers

Enhance your your floral arrangements and decor with the exquisite real-look beauty of our Flocked Finish Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear Artificial Flowers. Designed to bring nature's delicate charm into your home or special event, these lifelike artificial blooms offer a perfect blend of elegance and longevity.


Key Features of Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear Leaves:

  1. Realistic Flocked Finish: Our Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear artificial leaves boast a soft, velvety flocking that mimics the subtle texture of their living counterparts, providing a remarkably lifelike appearance.

  2. Natural Greenery: The intricate details of these faux plants capture the true essence of Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear, making them a perfect choice for adding a touch of nature to your space.

  3. Low Maintenance: Unlike real greenery, these artificial varieties require no watering, trimming, or sunlight. Enjoy their beauty without the hassle of upkeep.

  4. Endless Versatility: Whether you're creating stunning centrepieces, crafting wreaths, or decorating your home or office, our Dusty Miller and Lambs Ear artificial flowers lend themselves to a wide range of creative applications.


  • Weddings: Create elegant bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral arrangements that will last as cherished mementos.

  • Home Decor: Enhance your living spaces with a touch of nature, accentuating your interiors with greenery that never fades.

  • DIY Projects: Bring your creative visions to life, from crafting unique centrepieces to making wreaths, garlands, or custom floral decorations.