Candelabras: Illuminate Your Wedding with Elegance

Light up your wedding with our stylish candelabras. The polished surfaces of our stunning candelabras reflect the surrounding candle light, adding a romantic, sparkling glow to your wedding decorations and improving the overall ambience of the evening. Our beautiful collection includes a large range of styles: from vintage, to classic, to sleek and modern, and a range of colours from classic gold to modern clear acrylic. All our candelabra bases are sturdy and won't tip over.  Once you have decided on your candelabra style, don't forget to also check out our great range of Wedding Candles to complete your candle centrepieces.

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your wedding with our beautiful collection of candelabras. From classic and ornate designs to sleek, modern styles, we have the perfect candelabra to complement your wedding vision.