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The tables at your wedding are the centrepiece of your theme. It’s where everything comes together in a cohesive manner, bringing your dream to life. Charger plates are an essential item if you are planning to have your guests enjoy a formal dinner, as they are a staple item in your crockery set. Take a look at our options today for your special occasion.

When it comes to choosing the perfect glass charger plates for your wedding reception, you can never have too many options. That’s why we cater to every theme under the sun with our extensive variety of products. From beautiful beaded options to dark shades and bright colours, you will discover an array of high quality plates that will look charming on the table. With an emphasis on affordable prices, you can plan the wedding of your dreams without blowing your budget. With us, you always get premium quality without the premium price tag. 

Give your wedding reception a more sophisticated look with our exotic range of charger plates. 

Available in a variety of colours, these plates provide a welcoming setting for your wedding cutlery and also add some glamor to your wedding tables. If you’re aiming for a royal or purely classic setting, you can find the right charger plates for your wedding in our collection. 

Add some feeling to the whole event with our beaded edge charger plates. Its 33cm diameter means it is large enough to hold lots of cutlery, and also make a suitable centrepiece for your wedding table if you wish to.

You will also find the rhinestone placemats amongst our charger plates collection a welcome addition to your wedding table. This placemat is available in exciting colour options and will definitely reflect the surrounding environment to give your decorations an improved finishing.

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Charger Plates


Chargers, also known as charger plates, are the foundation of a great table setting. They are the ones that are kept on the table throughout the entire dinner aside from your table centrepiece and flower arrangements. And the table is where your guests spend most of their time, something you want to put effort into decorating, creating a wonderful experience for them. Since the food is usually served later in the evening, having chargers in place reinforces the celebration's overall aesthetic — and they look good on cameras too.

Charger plates may vary in size, colour and shape. We may all be familiar with round charger plates, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Today, there are more creative takes on elevating this traditional design. From square-shaped, sliced marble to rattan-made chargers is now available to cover all your design options. So long as they serve their very purpose as a reliable base for your salad and dinner plates, these innovative design ideas are worth taking.

Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide variety of charger plates at wholesale discounted pricing. You can buy them separately or in bulk, whatever works for you and your budget. We are committed to providing Australia with affordable wedding and event essentials without sacrificing quality and design. Our products are available nationwide, and we offer swift shipping to all major cities, like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


Trend Alert 

Top 5 Trending Charger Plate Colours for Weddings

We have seen how wedding decorations have evolved over the years. And as wedding trends continue to adapt to the ever-changing times, new and innovative undertakings in elevating traditional charger plates emerge. We rounded up the top 5 best colour trends to help inform your ideas as you plan for your wedding reception and your wedding tablescapes.


#1. Gold Charger Plates

Gold Chargers are ever-evolving. You can now have them in different variations, such as glitter, gilded, and matte, to match your wedding fabrics.


#2. Silver Charger Plates

As vintage-themed weddings continue to make the trend, silver chargers are now hotter than ever. They are available in different modern take-ups and are highly versatile in complementing the rest of your table linens and other decorations.


#3. Black Charger Plates

Black chargers are sleek and elegant by nature and by design. Whether you opt to get it in matte, gloss, or gilded, you will never go wrong with black — perfect for rustic and industrial wedding themes and more.


#4. Red Charger Plates

Red chargers are lustrous and captivating. They are great eye-catchers and perfect for highlighting your tablescape alongside your accessories and favours.


#5. Glass Charger Plates

Nothing hits class and sophistication more than chargers made of glass. Their natural sense of luxury and glamour has conditioned people to associate them with subtle opulence.


Product Care

Wedding charger plates are relatively easy to maintain. They do not require much attention and effort as long as you stick to the basics of dishwashing. If you want a quick refresher, here's our list of the things you need to know to keep your charger plates in pristine condition for future use.


#1. Consider the make/material of the chargers before throwing them into the dishwasher. Some chargers are not dishwasher safe.

#2. Handwashing is the recommended cleaning method for charger plates.

#3. Wipe chargers with a clean, soft, dry cloth and never leave them wet or immersed in water. 

#4. Chargers are not suitable for microwaves.