Bring in a new twist to your wedding decorations with our birdcage centrepieces. Available in exciting patterns, these birdcages provide a welcoming distraction for your wedding guests. 

Whether you wish to hang the cages or place them on a wedding table, you will find the right option in our collection of birdcage centrepieces. These birdcages come in different sizes too, allowing you to choose the right size for the number of birds you wish to have.

Gold or silver themed wedding? You will find the right birdcage for your big day amongst our colour variants. What's more? These birdcages are portable, so you can easily move them around during your wedding if you ever need to. 

And if you wish to preserve a reminder of your big event, you will find the Cinderella Princess Carriage a suitable choice. Measuring only 32cm, this birdcage will fit nicely into any corner of your home.

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