Whether you are after large, bold statement leaves to add to a centrepiece or flower arrangement, or small filler greenery, we have you covered with our incredible range of artificial leaves.  These artificial leaves can be a great compliment to your artificial flowers, or simply make a statement on their own.  Our huge range boasts Native Australian Eucalyptus Leaves, Exotic Ferns, huge Palm Leaves and much, much more! To top off our fantastic leaf range, you can be assured our wholesale pricing will always be great value.

Artificial Leaves

Every wedding is a unique celebration of love, and decorations should reflect special memories as you create your own atmosphere. With artificial leaves, you can bring a natural touch to your wedding decor, giving a soft and beautiful finish that will last long after the night is over.

Whether you’re going for a natural theme or something more unique, artificial leaves can help you achieve the perfect look. The realistic appearance of the leaves pairs perfectly with dreamy outdoor settings or formal reception venues. Use with scattered petals to create a romantic aisle, create a wild garland with a combination of different leaves, or simply cluster them together to make a stunning centrepiece. They can easily be incorporated into even the most imaginative of designs.

The beauty of artificial leaves is that you don’t have to worry about wilting or allergies, so you can be sure to add a fresh and fragrant atmosphere to your wedding. And with the range of styles and colors, you can easily tone the leaves to your chosen theme.

The Beauty of Artificial Leaves:

  1. Easy to combine with other wedding decorations.
  2. Minimal mess and hassle.
  3. Combine with fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere.
  4. High-quality material looks real combining with other craft and floristry accessories.
  5. Soft tones of the leaves create a perfect atmosphere.
  6. Ideal to create a unique addition to your wedding photos.

Care instructions

Artificial leaves are relatively easy to maintain. Avoid direct exposure to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, and be sure to store them in a dry place that is free from dust and dirt. Every now and then, lightly brush them to clean off any dirt that has accumulated.

By decorating with artificial leaves, you can add a stylish, natural touch to your wedding day. They can easily be combined with other decorations and can be used again and again, making them a wonderful investment for the memories of your special day.