Artificial Australian Native Flowers

If you are after something unique and distinctive, our Artificial Australian Native Flowers are for you! Combine your native flowers with some of our beautiful Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves or with other Artificial Greenery. Alternatively, our artificial flowers are stunning enough to make a statement on their own! From the yellow pom-pom flowers of the Artificial Wattle to the red of our artificial Grevillia flowers... our fake Australian native flowers are sure to please. In addition, we provide a stunning range of Artificial Protea flowers and Artificial Leucospermum flowers which are technically South African yet commonly assumed to be Australian Natives because they compliment Australian Native flowers so beautifully.

Over recent years, word has been slowly getting out amongst florists and brides alike... Australia is full of hidden gems when it comes to Native Flora! With over 24000 species of plants and flowers native to Australia, the diversity and range are huge. The only problem is, some of these lovely flowers are delicate and easily broken, as well as being seasonal. This is where Artificial Flowers come in handy! No need to worry that the tiny yellow balls of Wattle will end up all over the floor, or that the Grevillea will leave a thin layer of red or orange all over the table: our fake Australian Native flowers will stay looking lovely all day, and in the days and years to come... if well looked after.

Tips to keep your Artificial Australian Native Flowers looking their best…

Fake Flowers are much easier to look after than the real deal, but there are still some useful tips you can employ to ensure they can look their best well into the future…

  • Due to transportation, your leaves and flowers may need to be re-arranged and straightened out. The beauty of artificial flowers is that the stems and petals won’t snap and bruise if you bend and manipulate them into the perfect position!
  • Weekly dusting will ensure your Flowers and Leaves will look pretty and bright. Use a microfibre cloth, a hairdryer set to low heat, or even a vacuum cleaner set to its lowest setting, with a stocking secured over it by a rubber band.
  • Salt is such an incredible preserver that it can even preserve Artificial Flowers and Leaves! Shake your leaves in a resealable bag of coarse salt, and let the salt gently scratch through and loosen any grime and dust coating your leaves. Cornmeal can be used as an alternative to salt if no salt is available.
  • Silk Flower Cleaning Sprays are effective and easy (no wiping required), but also generally expensive.