Polyester Napkins are the industry standard for corporate functions, weddings and commercial hire. Being polyester the napkins are sturdy and absorbent and are easy to clean and care for. Our Polyester Napkins are commercial grade and are also suitable for multiple uses and laundering. 

 Our napkin range comprises of 50cm square napkins in a standard range of 20 colours.

Polyester Napkins: Put the Final Touch Into Your Table Setting

Wide Range of Colours

Our selection of polyester napkins comes in 26 different colours, so that we have the right napkin for you no matter your colour scheme. With choices ranging from subtle pastels to bright and bold hues, you can easily personalise your table settings to match the occasion.

Built to Last

Our napkins are made from high-quality polyester, making them both attractive and durable. They're designed to retain their colour and form even after multiple uses, proving to be a reliable choice for event planners and caterers who are always on the go.

Versatility in Design

Thanks to the fabric's quality, these napkins can be folded into any shape, allowing for both simple and elaborate table presentations. This versatility makes them an excellent tool for expressing creativity in setting up your tables.

Professional Finish

Every napkin is finished with a professional hem, giving them a sleek look from all angles. This neat edging contributes to the polished appearance of your event space, letting you tailor the table decor to your taste with ease.

Low Maintenance

Our polyester napkins are machine washable, which means they're as easy to care for as they are on the eyes. After each wash, they come out looking just as good as new, ready to be used at your next event without any extra fuss.

Endless Styling Options

With such a broad palette to choose from, these napkins allow for unlimited creativity in your event styling. Whether you're looking to match an existing theme or introduce a new colour element, they provide the flexibility needed to bring your vision to life.