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Bridal Tulle

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Tulle Fabric Rolls or Tulle Fabric


I bet when talking about tulle fabrics, the first thing that comes to mind is — you guessed it — Carrie Bradshaw, just kidding, it's tutus. But there is more to this wedding fabric than tutus and fairy wings. Tulle fabrics have been in demand at weddings and events. And it is because they are easy to work with — they give off drama, the fantasy of it all, and most importantly, tulle fabrics are economical. You can do so many things with them without breaking the bank or going out of budget.

Tulle originated in France and can come from silk, nylon, rayon or polyester. Thanks to the hit TV show Sex and the City and the infamous Carrie moment in Paris with her iconic tulle dress, that tulle has gone mainstream and got more popular amongst women. Tulles are available in many colours and varieties. They accentuate femininity like no other — their gentleness, daintiness, and gracefulness are captivating. So if you are planning your wedding decorations today or any event, thinking of using tulle, continue reading as we guide you through the many uses of this exquisite fabric.

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Top 10 Things You Can Do with Tulle Fabrics for Weddings  

Tulle is such a multifaceted fabric that everyone must experience it in its entirety. Tulles are overlooked often by many because of their accessibility — you can see them everywhere. And that is the beauty of tulle. It is so dynamic, so versatile that it can make look the most just by simply draping there. The creative possibilities with tulle are so immense that a list of 10 things you can do with it is a disservice to the many things it can make — but we'll give it to you anyway. Here's a quick rundown of some uses of tulle at your wedding.


#1. Wedding Gown

This use is a classic tulle moment. You can have an entire gown made from tulle or partially, whichever serves you best. You can also have your bodice and sleeves made of tulle as well.


#2. Veils

Another one of the classic use of tulle — however, we think that tulle as a veil hits like no other. Think Princess Diana and her 459 feet train made of gorgeous tulle fabric.


#3. Petticoats

Boning and hoops for petticoats are okay but can be clunky, and the lines can be visible, especially when in motion. Tulle is a great fabric to achieve volume in your dress or bustle without feeling like you're dragging a scaffolding down the aisle.


#4. Linings

Tulle is one, if not the best, fabric choice when lining beaded fabrics or lace. It gives more body and shape to the decorative textile on top. And since it's sheer, you can easily create a nude illusion.


#5. Overlays

Tulle makes a great support system for most things. And by the support, we mean top to bottom, underneath and above. You can put it on top of your dress as an overlay for a more dramatic effect, your table setting, and even your backdrop.


#6. Flower Arrangements

Since tulle can create a flurry of netting — match it with highly realistic artificial flowers and greeneries, and you can easily make whimsical flower arrangements. The depth, texture, and dimension they can add to your display are exceptional.


#7. Crafts

You can use tulle as a supplement for your wedding crafts, such as pom centrepieces, bonbonniere boxes, and even flower girl baskets, to mention a few. Tulles are highly versatile fabrics — mixed with other materials — they can create a fantasy almost straight out of fairy tale books.


#8. Drapings

Because tulle is so fluid and graceful, it's easy to manipulate to create magnificent drapings. You can wrap it around your wedding chairs, create a canopy, or even have them hanging along the aisle with no problem. With the help of some delicate blooms and fairy lights, a backdrop using tulle drapings can also be a viable option.


#9. Fascinators

Tulle for fascinators, complete with some fancy feathers and a good ole cocktail hat, is stupendous. You can also have pom crowns and bows made of tulle — it's limitless. Tulle makes a good element of interest to your overall look without even trying.


#10. Table Skirting

Last but not least, tulle for your table skirting. A great dining experience at your wedding will not be complete without stunning table linens and impeccable presentation. And what better way to flare things up than using tulle and a set of reliable skills in table skirting.



Caring for your tulle fabric after use is highly imperative. You would want to maintain its pristine condition for as long as you can — so you can use it again for other events in the future. Fabrics, in general, can be costly — and depending on the quality — they can be very challenging to maintain. Here are some tips you might want to consider when caring for your tulles.


#1. Hand washing is best when cleaning tulle fabrics

#2. Use gentle detergents when washing

#3. We recommend dry cleaning for tulles with beading and embroideries

#4. Avoid tumble dryers or hot water as tulle is of delicate fibres

#5. Use a pressing cloth when ironing, and the heat should be on the lowest level


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