Table Overlays make a perfect way of dressing up your tables and instantly elevating your overall design. Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide array of wedding and event linens throughout Australia. These overlays are perfect for your table setting, giving them their much-needed depth and dimension. They come in multiple colours and designs. See also; our extensive collection of other related wedding decorations such as artificial flowers and wedding fabrics for more options. Add To Cart Now! Save More! 

Adding a Touch of Luxury to Wedding Decor

Table overlays are an essential part of wedding decorations, helping to tie together the style and colour palette of the reception area. They also add a chic and sophisticated air to the atmosphere, giving the guests that feeling of luxury as they dine. They are perfect for any celebration, offering the ideal mix of vibrant colour, texture and detail.

When looking for the perfect table overlays, consider their material, colour and texture. These should match the overall theme and colour of the wedding decor, while having an eye-catching and unique design to provide an extra touch of luxury. Look for delicate and intricate designs, or opt for classic and bold colours. And remember, you don't have to stick to traditional cloth or linen overlays - there are plenty of innovative and stylish covers to choose from.

7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Table Overlays

  1. Mix and match different colours and textures to create a unique statement.
  2. Cover up existing tablecloths with a decorative table overlay to instantly update the look.
  3. Choose a patterned overlay if you're looking to make a bold statement.
  4. Look for overlays with intricate details, such as lace or embroidery.
  5. Use a tonal palette to create harmony.
  6. Look for accessories that complement the overlay, such as vases, throw-pillows and candles.
  7. Mimic the wedding theme but adding complementary items, such as artificial flowers or glass jars.

Care Instructions

Table overlays should be kept clean and in good condition. Care instructions will depend on the fabric, so check the label before cleaning. Treat stains as soon as possible and avoid laundering them too often as this may affect the fabric over time.

Table overlays have come a long way and are now an essential part of wedding decor. Spoil your guests with the perfect mix of luxury and style and give your wedding a unique and personal touch. With careful selection, the right overlay can truly transform a setting, creating the perfect atmosphere for the celebration of your special day.