These Draping Fabrics make the perfect wedding and event linen for your venue. They are soft, light, and fluid — you can easily attach them to your walls, ceilings, and pillars. These fabrics come in multiple colour options, from your traditional shades of white to some pretty solid colours like red, blue, and black. We also have available sizes and lengths depending on your needs. Feel free to add artificial flowers and layering wedding fabrics to elevate your decorations. Add To Cart Now. Save More.

Draping Fabric / Wedding Drapes


Nothing gives more drama and fantasy in any wedding reception venue than a well-draped fabric. Drapings can effortlessly transform a space from mundane to whimsical. It's not the only transformative piece of decoration you can use. However, due to its massive coverage, drapings are easily taken as the best alternative to creating a spatial illusion. Having the proper wedding fabrics that can provide the right amount of fluidity and texture is paramount to achieving the highest level of success in creating a stunning venue.

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Top 5 Draping Placements: Wedding Draping Ideas

In our humble opinion, there is no such thing as "too much" draping, just incorrect positioning of the drapings. Draping is like comedy — you need proper timing to make the punchline work. And by 'timing,' we mean the correct placement of your drapes. Nonetheless, wherever you decide to set your drapes, commitment is the key. Here are the top 5 placement ideas for your wedding drapes.


#1. Wedding Arch Drapes / Arbour Draping

Draping on your wedding arch is a classic. You can never go wrong with a carefully gathered fabric draped on your arbour — it's a sure hit however you decide to do it.


#2. Wedding Aisle Drapes

For some, this may be optional. However, truth be told that aisle drapes don't just make a stunning visual but also a functional partition between the procession and the rest of the guests.


#3. Wedding Backdrop Drapes

This draping placement is also another visual delight and a must-have functional piece. Wedding backdrop drapes allow you to ensure great wedding photos on Instagram from everyone — you've already spent money on your decorations, so why not maximize its potential.


#4. Ceiling Drapes

Ceiling drape installation, when done right, can be the hero of your venue decorations. However, ceiling drapes require commitment — if you are going to do it, please make it a point that you have enough fabrics to cover all your bases.


#5. Pillar Drapes

Imagine the gentleness and fluidity of draping fabrics in juxtaposition to the imposing and robust imagery of pillars, making an enticing sight and artistic representation. This design idea has been a proven success throughout the history of wedding venue decorations.


DIY Tips and Tricks

#1. Measurements: Make sure that you got all your measurements accurate — you want that fabric to hit the ground

#2. PEGs: Get PEGs for your draping concept or create your own — preparedness is a must

#3. Fabrics: Make sure you have all the lengths you need — it is safe to get double or triple the size of the space you are draping

#4. Permits: Communicate with the venue owner regarding restrictions like drill holes, nails, or adhesives

#5. Supplements: Add all your extra decors after securing your drapery: flower arrangments, matching wedding linensartificial flowerscraft and floristry accessories