Beautiful bouquets of flowers make stunning statement pieces at weddings and special events. For most of us, our wedding decorations are not complete without the Bridal Bouquet.  Bridesmaids also need bouquets, and vases filled with flowers such as our Artificial Rose Bouquets or Artificial Peony Bouquets look stunning placed on tables at the reception. As with all our range of Artificial Flowers, your artificial bouquet will stay looking beautiful not only on your special day but for many days and years to come. At Wholesale Wedding Superstore we have a great variety of fake bouquet options for you to choose from; from premade arrangements to single stem flowers. We also offer all the florist accessories you need should you want to put together your own unique bouquet to treasure.

What are Our Artificial Bouquets Made of?

Our Artificial Bouquets come in a variety of materials, consisting primarily of fabric, wire, and plastic.  Wire stems ensure our artificial Bouquet stems are flexible and easily manipulated so you can arrange them to sit exactly the way you want them to, and a combination of fabric and plastic not only allows for strength but also adds an aspect of realism.

Tips to keep your Artificial Bouquets looking their best…

Fake bouquets are much easier to look after than the real deal and last much longer, but there are still some useful tips you can employ to ensure they look their best well into the future…

  • Due to packaging and shipping, your leaves and flowers may need to be re-arranged, squeezed, and straightened out. This is very easy to do and the flowers adapt quickly. The beauty of artificial flowers is that the stems won’t snap and bruise if you bend and manipulate them into the perfect position!
  • Weekly dusting will ensure your Artificial Bridal Bouquets looks pretty and bright. Use a microfibre cloth, a hairdryer set to low heat, or even a vacuum cleaner set to its lowest setting, with a stocking secured over it by a rubber band.
  • Salt is such an incredible preserver that it can even preserve Artificial Flowers and Leaves! Shake your leaves in a resealable bag of coarse salt, and let the salt gently scratch through and loosen any grime and dust coating your leaves. Cornmeal can be used as an alternative to salt if no salt is available.
  • Silk Flower Cleaning Sprays are effective and easy (no wiping required), but also generally expensive.