Let memories of your special wedding day linger on with guests by providing them with a little something to take home at the end of the day. Wholesale Wedding Superstore has a variety of uniquely decorated and styled organza bags that can be used to create creative and memorable take home treats for guests. Fill each bag with small trinkets or sweet treats, and place them on tables next to place cards or pass them out at the end of the evening. Guests will just love having these small Wedding Favors (also known as Bombonieres) to take home. For trinket ideas, check out our Wedding gifts for Guests.

Organza Bags


There's a reason why organza is a wedding staple — from dresses and wedding decorations to gift bags. Their natural sense of versatility and glamour is arguably everyone's favourite. Organza bags are yet one of the best variations of this coveted material. They make great favour bags, jewellery pouches, and even potpourris. They come in different colours and sizes to cover all your design options and possible uses all year round.


Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide variety of organza bags at wholesale discounted pricing. You can buy them separately or in bulk, whatever works for you and your budget. We are committed to providing Australia with affordable wedding and event essentials without sacrificing quality and design. Our products are available nationwide, and we offer swift shipping to all major cities, like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


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Top 10 Wedding Favour Ideas

A wedding favour idea can quickly go from zero to a hundred, just like that. There are hundreds of ideas out there that you can do to best express your personality and relationship as a couple. Nonetheless, we are here to help make your decision-making a breeze! This list is the top 10 most popular wedding favours today. 


#1. Handmade Crafts

Nothing Speaks more personal than a handmade craft to give away at your wedding. Giving out something that's given thought and time creates a better experience and lasting impression on your guests. Take a miniature floral arrangement in a little pot with a note inside an organza bag, for example.


#2. Candies / Mints

This favour idea is probably one of the more popular wedding giveaway items. And there's a reason for that — giving sweets during weddings is thought to pass on the couple's good luck to their guests.


#3. Plant Seeds / Dried Flowers

For plant-loving couples, this gifting idea can easily be a favourite. They make sense in subtly sharing your journey to love, growth, and life with everybody.


#4. Votive Candles

This gifting idea makes a compelling symbolism for any couple whose relationship has truly withstood the test of time. The thought of being another's light and sharing this with everyone is a powerful statement.


#5. Skincare Products

For destination weddings — this idea is likely the most practical and thoughtful wedding favour you can give your guests. Not to mention that giving out skincare products such as sunscreen and moisturizers is very chic and can be luxurious.


#6. Gemstones

Gems for a wedding favour is not a new concept. This tradition dates back to 16th century England. Some of these jewels include; jade for good health and prosperity, rose quarts for love, citrine for luck, and more.


#7. Makeup Products

I know what you're thinking, "but how about the men?" Well, we all know men can use a bit of lightweight concealer and finishing powder. Gone are the days when cosmetic products are exclusive to women.


#8. Scent Beads

Talk about usability — scent beads are fun and practical. In my books, everything that gives off a good, stimulating scent is always a win.


#9. Perfume

Scents create fantasies people often overlook. Giving out perfume for your wedding favours can be mega iconic. You can use refillable portable atomizers with a 5ml capacity for chic and practical packaging.


#10. Token

Tokens can be anything from cute notes to action figures or customized symbols of appreciation to your guests. It would be best if it's something of great significance to you as a couple and your journey to love.


Top 5 Accessories for Your Favour Boxes

If DIY and customization are your jam, that's most likely because you want to put a piece of yourself into everything you do, making your wedding favours all the better. Let your love inspire your creativity to create. Speaking of creating something, here are 5-favour bag accessories that might help you glam up your giveaways. (other craft and floristry accessories are also available)


#1. Rhinestones

#2. Ribbons

#3. Glitters

#4. Flowers

#5. Stickers