A Fresh, Natural Look for your Wedding

Bush style flowers are a great way to bring an air of natural charm to your wedding décor. Whether your event is hosted indoors or outdoors, these flowers can be used to fill spaces with subtle elegance. Australian natives, like the Grevillea create an iconic, down-to-earth look, perfect for a tasteful garden, beach or vineyard wedding. Depending on availability and season, more exotic, showy selections such as eucalyptus and proteas imbue a distinctively different look.

When it comes to decorating your wedding, bush style flowers should certainly be on your list! Not only are they visually pleasing and diversely gorgeous, they also provide excellent value. A single bunch often contains multiple varieties of foliage and long-lasting, vibrant blooms. It’s easy to create dramatic arrangements with a single bunch of bush flowers. Bottles and vases of different shapes and sizes can be filled to make a commanding centrepiece or groupings of these flowers around the ceremony and reception seating spaces create a beautiful and inviting air.

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Bush Style Flowers

  1. Create colourful bouquets. To make the most of the varying petal shape, size and hue of these beautiful flowers, combine them together with other blooms and foliage for interesting, colourful bouquets.
  2. Utilise as table centrepieces. Grouping a few beautiful blooms in a large mason jar or terrarium is an easy and straightforward way to make a bold statement on the bride and groom’s table.
  3. Include as wall décor. Fill had-shaped hoops or hang mason jars to the wall or trees to add a personalised and stylish touch to the event.

Care Instructions

Bush style flowers break apart easily and the stems need to be firmly blocked in any arrangement to ensure their petals remain in tact. Be sure to mist them regularly and store in a cool location away from direct sunlight.

Bringing bush style flowers together for your wedding will bring a natural and artistic look to your event. They are usually easy to come by and easy to work with. It’s definitely worth considering them in your wedding planning. It's a wonderful way to bring a piece of the Australian bushland to your event and create a spectacular setting that your loved ones will treasure forever.