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3 Things That Make Polyester The Superior Fabric Choice For Your Tablecloth

Polyester has always been the mainstay for tablecloths in every wedding or event. Its classic appeal to everyone, like its quality, has withstood the test of time. But, what really separates polyester from all the other types of table linens? Let's find out! Here, we give you three (3) things that make polyester the superior fabric choice for your tablecloth.


First off, let's get to know polyester a little deeper. Polyester is a man-made petroleum-based synthetic fibre spun together to produce a cloth. Since it's man-made, polyester production provides sustainability and flexibility in substituting recycled plastic materials for the polyester palettes used in creating the fabrics, alongside its ability to giving eco-friendly solutions. Synthetic fibres such as polyester are known to have high environmental resistance making them last longer over time.



When it comes to choosing a hard-hitting fabric for table linens, polyester is the master of durability. It dries quickly, wrinkles less, and is stain resistant. Compared to other types of linens, it maintains its shape even after multiple washes. It is lightweight and heavy-duty that it can withstand a great ordeal of dynamic activities to match your event. It performs in a way that is more analogous to a highly demanding occasion. 



More than anything, polyester is a very forgiving type of fabric. It is easy to wash. You don't need to iron it, and it's just easier to maintain over time. Since polyester is hydrophobic by nature, you can worry less about spills and dirt stains on your table linen. Depending on how you store them, it requires little effort to set up. You only need to steam it at a minimum heat to freshen it up a bit, and you're all set for the party. Unlike other fabrics that easily washout after a while, polyester tablecloths need to go through a whole lot of uses before it exhibits any type of deterioration.



Cost is one major thing to consider when shopping for any tablecloth. It needs to be well within your budget and at the same time functions to its optimum capacity in making sure your table linen is doing its job in providing a great experience to everyone while looking pretty. Polyester has some stretch, has some sheen, and a whole lot of strength and durability in half the price of the more expensive type of linens. Due to its highly sustainable production capacity, polyester tablecloths are even more affordable when bought in bulk, making them the most viable option for huge events, catering services, hotels, and restaurants.


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